How are drawn, designed, and printed die cut stickers

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Die cut stickers are customized in an automated process, so a few steps are required to complete this process. If you are interested in making custom stickers then you should know these processes. Some special steps to automatically make die cut stickers will be described below, so you will get an idea very easily. Before planning anything, it is better to get ideas about it. The drawing, designing, and printing process to enjoy the best sticker labels are given below in brief. Vograce sticker maker expert team will give you ideas about die cut stickers which are very important for personal and business matters.

Automatic die cut sticker system

Die cut stickers are automatically customized through a laser cutting system so it is considered to be very fast and easy in nature. It is a perfect robotic system to produce designs accurately in any shape that can produce the planned designs within moments. You can prepare your designs to be made into custom vinyl die cut stickers by drawing them very well. See the next sections on how to print on a robotic system.

Die cut sticker idea

You need to decide which characters or texts you will use for sticker cutting. So you need to draw first to create an idea that will help you move on to the next step. You can create ideas by drawing based on whether you will use the stickers for personal purposes or business purposes. Suppose you are creating stickers for your organization’s event, then you need to decide in advance what kind of text and images you will use.

People who want to use these stickers for personal purposes print some characters of their choice or attach different scenes. Especially those who decide to give gifts to friends or family members draw their desired image on the front surface of the sticker.

On the other hand, companies use custom die cut stickers to serve two purposes, such as labeling and marketing. Such stickers play a more effective role in detail, which has spread worldwide. But die cut stickers are used as an alternative to labels to present any product much more attractively. One of the features of these stickers is that the back part is cut in the same way, so it can be removed very easily.

Drawing journey

You can use a pencil or a marker to draw the plan. If you don’t have any idea about drawing then you can take vograce they will help you to draw according to your planning. In most cases, customers make sketches for stickers. It sets all the ideas about the size, shape, color, and text or logo of your sticker through the drawing. So the drawing is an important part that highlights the first stage to customize your sticker. After drawing you create it as a file which Vograce experts will check and help you.

Set up your file

Once the drawing is done to create the sticker set up a file to proceed to the next step. You need to create the file with Adobe Photoshop on an iMac to print the stickers correctly. Creating PSD files will give you the best results, as PSD files can be edited and mistakes corrected in moments. When you email the file to the supplier they will scan it and send you an email before printing to confirm. Before printing, the expert team will know from you how much thickness of vinyl you want to use and what will be the resolution of printing.

Assume that the final sticker will be determined to be 3″ high by 4″ wide. So the expert team will select a designated area from your artwork to create the die cut. For cutting, they will always select some extra part that is cut later. After confirming the sticker resolution, a transparent background is selected on its back and fully prepared for printing, it moves on to the next process. All the activities are properly set up by Photoshop by scanning the above process drawings.

Printing Preparation – The activities are started by setting up all types of outwork for printing. At the end of printing the die is arranged for the next step of cutting.

Die-cut line

The cutting line is shown to the printer for sticker cutting. After determining where to cut, create a new layer with cut lines. For this, Vograce creates a new layer above the image layer and highlights the new layer by clicking on the image layer icon of the Hold command. Stickers with 300dpi resolution are laser-cutting at up to 50 Ml per minute.

Where to find the best die cut sticker, suppliers

First, find a good supplier near you to make custom die-cut stickers. Since you are a smartphone user, an internet connection is enough to search for skilled suppliers. Type in the Google search engine and click and fill in your requirements. Vograce is a sticker supplier with several years of experience, you can contact this team to create different types of stickers. They are ready to customize the perfect sticker by machine technology with great efficiency. These stickers will be a great tool in marketing your business.

Many suppliers charge a steep price for customizing die cut stickers. But you should look for the most affordable prices and discounts. Any expenses you incur for business purposes must be within limits. Vograce offers multiple offers to customers, so it’s up to you which kind of discount benefits you enjoy. Using good stickers is very important for business. Customers will determine the quality of the product by looking at your sticker label, so you should use this opportunity to increase sales. Even a few years ago, not much awareness was created about using such stickers. But today technology offers you the best, so customize the right sticker from Vograce to determine the quality.


Hope you make the right decision to choose the best sticker supplier. Also, if you want to make a killer or glitter sticker, you can freely discuss it with Vograce experts. Here you can find all types of sticker benefits. So don’t let it and first click the website.

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