How can Climate Change impact the Health of Older People in India? 

climate change impact on senior citizen
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Last updated on August 2nd, 2022 at 04:53 am

A fresh, clean environment enables transferring a natural lifestyle into the human body. The adversely increasing activities in nature, such as the rise in the sea level, pollution in the environment, the decline in the greenery and many more activities, have led to the increase in the various kind of health issues among the senior citizen. These older adults are the ones who are mostly suffering from the majority of health issues due to various environmental changes.

To continue this below, we are going to extend this article by taking the concern of the senior citizen regarding how the climate change in our environment can impact the health of older people in India. 

How can the change in the environment result in various health problems among senior citizens? 

First, it is essential to know what climate change is. A sudden long-term change in the temperature and pattern of the weather leads to the usual change in the climate. This change of weather harms the life of human beings, especially those above the age of 55-60. The immense climate change significantly impacts the immune system of senior citizens. During this time, the air surrounding nature, along with the water, is contaminated, which results in the formation of various kinds of diseases that are unsuitable for the older person. 

Below is the list of various kind of environmental change which has an impact on the health of the senior citizen. 

1. Poor Quality of Air 

The quality of the air is one of the vital causes which has the most adverse effect on the health of the senior citizen. The increase in poor air quality leads to various kinds of heart and lung disease among senior citizens, and it also leads to pulmonary and respiratory infections. 

2. Excessive High Temperature 

The heat waves during the time of summer also have a significant impact on the health of senior citizens. Various issues such as cramps, exhaustion and heat stroke are significant problems that occur during high heat.

3. Water Disease 

Water-borne diseases such as the rainy season and flooding tend to increase various conditions among senior citizens. The rainy season is when there is more outbreak of different kinds of infection, which result in various type of health issue, especially among the senior citizen. 

4. Pollution 

Various kinds of pollution, including air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution everything has an impact on the health of senior citizen if do not take seriously. It not only has an effect on the life of senior citizens but also the animal too get affected. 

5. Climate Change 

The climate change around us is the last but not the most negligible factor. The climate change around us leads to various problems, such as the emission of several harmful rays into the atmosphere. All these changes in the environment affect the richness of the ecosystem. All these things somehow also lead rise in the pandemics. At last, the elders are the ones who suffer the more from this kind of disease.

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Various Measures for the senior citizen to protect them from climate change. 

Here is the list of various measures protecting senior citizens from environemental change. 

– Focus on the Diet of Senior citizen

– Take the Required amount of rest. 

– Take Proper skilled nursing care 

– Take Precaution 

– Opt for a retirement home outside the city.

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