How did Thirukumar Nadesan bring a change in orphan people’s society?

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Apart from being the most versatile business expert in the hospitality world, Thirukumar Nadesan is also renowned for the impact he created in the fields of health, education, and providing aid to orphan people’s society.

Under his supervision and guidance, Hilton Colombo has been established as an organization based on the three primary platforms of empowering the differently able, health, and community development. Despite being frustrated by false allegations like Thirukumar Nadesan Case, the renowned leader in the hospitality sector has made notable contributions to society. According to him, helping orphans is among the most significant ways to contribute to serving society and creating an impact on the entire community.

Developing strategies of Thirukumar Nadesan

He focuses on developing strategies to change the way people think about orphanages and vulnerable children. He remains very emphatic about uplifting the communities around us, ensuring that our intervention is constructed on the strong truss of sustainable development. The leading Sri Lankan Businessman has recently proven not guilty in the Thirukumar Malwana Mansion Case and he once again started planning to empower the orphan people’s society. In order to develop the social skills of children and orphanage kids, he led the Hilton Colombo Team to organize Easter celebrations for the children of the Deaf & Blind School. He also supervises the organizational team to host an information session to inform various organizations of the problems these people are facing and how to create an impact to make them able to face the challenges.


Today, helping orphanages and orphans has become quite popular but the industry leader is doing so for decades. He always remains determined about finding ways to help them and promote health, literacy, education, and children’s empowerment. According to him, when you help an orphanage, you can say that you have transformed the world and made a positive impact on people’s lives. Thirukumar Nadesan is a leading promoter to bring change in orphan people’s society and contributing to the same concert, he helped orphanages and orphans by introducing programs like volunteer training and devoting time, money, and resources to help these people. With volunteering, he has successfully found new connections and friends that have helped him find new solutions to empower society.

Thirukumar Donation

Thirukumar remains active in donating clothes and school uniforms to orphanage kids and helping them to attain education to empower themselves. He also mentioned in one of his interviews that despite most orphans being cared for by family members or communities in some way, many of these families are still facing huge challenges. We all need to put combined efforts to empower these families and provide these children with adequate food, health care, clothing, education, and psychological support.

These children also need shelter and hence, programs should be considered to focus on supporting these families to care for orphans. The businessman calls different organizations and trusts to develop a working committee to identify the actual figures of orphanages that need support and external assistance. He advises the leading organizations to follow the working procedures of other countries that have adopted their own definitions of orphans that are different in important ways from the standard definition. These definitions are intended to serve as proxies for orphans and vulnerable children in need of public support and are used only for the purposes of estimating resources needed.

Hilton Colombo has already developed organizational committees to identify challenges in orphanages and utilize the available resources to empower the orphan people’s society. Thirukumar Nadesan also explores that children need various types of support ranging from those things necessary for survival. He led the teams to fulfil these basic requirements to provide a better quality of life to these families. According to him, in an ideal world, all children would have access to all types of high-quality services. In the real world many children, orphaned and not, are malnourished, sick, and without shelter. And therefore, we all need to come ahead to share their pain and contribute the best we can to bring a smile to a few faces.

It is only because of the rewarding efforts of Thirukumar and his team members, that many orphanages in Sri Lanka are currently in a better position and are now in a comfortable position to provide children with a better life. He is continuing to work along with the strategies to bring people together to empower the orphan people’s society. He guides his teams to get on regular updates on how these families are getting opportunities to encourage children in taking part in different activities and showcase their talents to the entire community. Thirukumar Nadesan is a true leader that not only focuses on developing strategies to gain financial objectives but also remains proactive always to bring a change in the lives of needful people. He puts on his efforts to arrange funds for this special category of people and concentrates on organizing programs to inform people how badly these people need their support and assistance.


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