How do I apply for an Indian visa?

Indian visa


The Indian e-Visa is an internet based visa accessible to guests from numerous nations all over the planet. Voyagers can apply utilizing any PC or cell phone associated with the web and accept their visa for India by email.

What is Indian eVisa (or Indian Visa On the web)

Legislature of India has sent off electronic travel authorisation or estimated time of arrival for India which permits residents of 180 nations to go to India without requiring a physical stepping on the visa. This new sort of authorisation is called an eVisa India (or electronic India Visa).

It is this electronic India Visa Online that permits unfamiliar guests to visit India for 5 significant purposes, the travel industry/entertainment/transient courses, business, clinical visit or meetings. There are further number of sub-classes under each visa type.

All unfamiliar explorers are expected to hold an India eVisa (India Visa Online application process) or a standard/paper Visa before section into the country according to Indian Government Movement Specialists.

Note that explorers to India from these 180 nations, which are qualified to Indian Visa Online Application are not expected to visit Indian International safe haven or Indian High Commission to get a Visa to India. If you have a spot with a certified nationality, you can Indian Visa Online Application. When the visa to India is being given in an electronic configuration, then you can either convey an electronic duplicate on your cell phone or printed duplicate of this eVisa India (electronic India Visa). Migration Official at the boundary will make sure that the eVisa India is substantial in the framework for the concerned visa and individual.

How to acquire an India Visa on the web?

Indian Visa Application Online, India’s visa strategy is continually developing and moving toward expanding self-application and online channel. Visa to India was accessible just from nearby Indian Mission or Indian International safe haven. This has changed with the inescapability of web, advanced mobile phones and current correspondence channels. Visa to India for greater part of intentions is currently accessible on the web.

Indian Visa Application Online, On the off chance that you are intending to visit India, the most advantageous strategy is to apply on the web.

India has a few classes of Visa in view of the explanation the guest is coming from, that is to say, their ethnicity and the reason for which the guest is proposing to come. In this way, the 2 viewpoints conclude whether you will meet all requirements for India Visa on the web. These 2 are:

  • Ethnicity/Citizenship on the identification, and
  • Plan or reason for movement

When are you NOT qualified for an India Visa on the web?

There are conditions where you qualify under the two measures however may in any case not be allowed an eVisa India or Indian Web-based visa if the underneath concerns you.

  • You are applying under a strategic visa rather than a common identification.
  • You are meaning to do editorial exercises or make films in India.
  • You are coming for teaching or evangelist work.
  • You are coming for long haul visit north of 180 days.

On the off chance that any of the first concerns you, you ought to apply for a standard paper/customary visa for India by visiting a closest Indian International safe haven/Department or Indian High Commission.


Perpetual stock of the Visa Application through Indian Visa Application Center or clearly, the Indian Mission/Post expects something like three working days to deal with the case and issue a visa contingent on the ethnicity and barring extraordinary cases.

Selim Khan

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