How do I choose the ideal location for my warehouse?

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The effectiveness of your warehouse is directly proportional to the area you get it in. The more efficient the warehouse is, the more profitable it will be for your business. The warehouses for sale in Dubai are located at prime locations, turning them into ideal spaces for storage. Getting a warehouse is a heavy investment, therefore you need to be sure of where you are getting your warehouse at. It should be effective and should be able to fulfill the company’s criteria. If your warehouse is at a proper location, a lot of factors like pickup, deliveries, etc are done easily. This helps in running your business smoothly.

Here are some criteria you should keep in mind before choosing the warehouse:

Rent Rate

Capital is an important factor. Choosing a warehouse that fits your budget is a primary step toward getting one. Warehouses in Dubai are located at prime locations and come at an affordable rate. Make sure that the cost that is quoted to you comes with no hidden cost. Mostly, if you are looking to rent a warehouse, the price is checked in square feet per year or per month. Depending on the location, the prices differ. This is due to accessibility, area, etc coming into consideration. Additionally, you need to check for taxes as well. Make sure you check in with the government authorities on the same to avoid legal issues later. 

Labour Charge

Labour cost is directly associated with local demographics. Your workforce will consist of the local population. Make sure you check the market for their charges. Every area has a different charge, so the charge according to the area your warehouse is at should be checked. If the money is less, you won’t get manpower, and with order inflow, your business will suffer. High demand hikes up the price. Dubai warehouses hire local laborers, optimizing their work and paying them the rate as per the market. This makes sure that they are compiling in working for you, improving your chances at the market competition. 


A lot of your workforce might not be staying in close proximity to the warehouse. This means that they will need to travel regularly. Therefore, choosing a warehouse which is close to bus stands, metro stations, etc is essential. Transportation cost is also affected by these variables. 

Let’s say you have a business in shipping goods. Your warehouse needs to be near a waterbody for easy transportation. You can ensure minimal spending to get your cargo by strategically getting your warehouse.

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Local Market Factors

Getting a warehouse that is near to the vendors who supply you with goods is a smart trick to save a lot on fuel money, transport time, vehicle charges, etc. Proximity to major supply chains and local vendors is an added advantage you can avail in the warehouse Dubai offers.  Additionally, if your warehouse is near your vendor then risks of losing goods due to natural disasters or severe weather conditions can be avoided greatly.

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Utility Cost

Availability of utilities like internet services, refrigeration for cold storage warehouses, etc are some of the prime factors you need to look into. The warehouses for sale in Dubai provide all essential utilities you might need for your business. Make sure you do all the installations before moving your goods.

Conclusion: Getting a warehouse is a serious investment for your business. You need to be completely sure of the area you are getting for yourself. It should check all your boxes and cater to your every need. If your warehouse is efficient, half the battle for your business profit is already won. 

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