How Do I Solve An Error Code On My Canon Printer?

How Do I Solve An Error Code On My Canon Printer?
How Do I Solve An Error Code On My Canon Printer?

Canon is a famous printer brand everyone purchases for official and residential purposes. But even the big brands will fail at some point, so if your Canon Pixma MP210 Error Code B200 is appearing, you have to fix it. Instead of calling for customer support, you can also use various tactics and techniques to fix the issue on your own. This will save your time and money, so you should look for whether the paper, cartridge ink and the other physical setup are correct. Then you have to use the following methods for solving the issue.
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Reason for the error code

The error code that too B200 code indicates that the printer cannot distribute the ink from the cartridges to the paper. This is because when the printer is old, it may not have sufficient ink or paper. So even after checking these things still, you are getting the error, and then it will be resolved with the different methods before you give the printer for the repair or purchase the new one and learn How to restart a canon printer ?

First method for fixing the error code

Fixing the error code will need the proper resetting in the initial stage. Then after this, you have to turn off the printer and unplug it. Then leave the printer for a minimum of thirty minutes without using it. This will give them enough time for your printer to return to its normal performance. Problem in the printer head is the main thing that will indicate when you see the Canon Pixma MP210 Error Code B200. So for this, you have to remove the printer head and then fix it again. This will sometimes work, so check it accordingly. 

Clean the printer head using pc

In order to clean the printer head for Canon Pixma MP210 Error Code B200, you must use the system by clicking on the particular option. It is you have to open the control panel, and then you have to click on the hardware and sound or printers and other hardware option. Then you have to select the device and printer options, or some of the pc will contain view installed printers or fax printers. Now once you have identified your printer, then right-click on it to get the properties option. Here you have to click on the maintenance and hardware tab.

Use the clean heads option

Then you have to click on the clean heads or clean cartridges option that is present. Thus you can select your color for cleaning the heads, or if you want to clear all the colors, then it is also having a special option for that. Then click on the OK option or start option. It will vary according to the windows versions. It is also best for users to look for the deep cleaning option, which will give a great solution for fixing the error.

Manual cleaning process

The manual cleaning process will require the items like water, isopropyl alcohol, and a soft cloth. First, you have to turn off the printer and then perform these steps. You have to first remove the ink cartridges that are present, and if you do not know, then you can use the manual for the instructions. Then you have to remove the tray for the cartridges. Now you have to use the half cup of the water and also the half cup of the alcohol that is present. It is more useful for cleaning the cartridges. You have to soak the print heads in it, and also, if your cartridge has the print heads, then you can soak them all at once. Then leave the items for a few minutes to soak and then remove them and clean them accordingly.
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Repeat the process in manual cleaning

Even after when you are fixing the printer, it is not working well and showing the Canon Pixma MP210 Error Code B200. Then you have to soak the print heads again for a few more hours and then clean the color cartridges thoroughly and then try using them in the printer. 

Cleaning the printer with the error codes

First, when you are getting the error, then you have to check the number that is obtained. Then you have to know what kind of the error code it is. The Canon Pixma MP210 Error Code B200  indicates that the printer head is not working. This may be due to the low ink in the cartridge, blocking of the papers in the printer, and even change in the setting, which is unsuitable for your document. Here you have to update the printer driver for better running. 
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Use the printer driver to fix

This is available on the canon support website itself, which is easy to download and install them using the model type. Install the driver easily, which is the good one for the automatic updation of the drivers that are required. This is more helpful for clearing any errors. This is more helpful for clearing your error code and starting using the printer without giving them to repair or trying to purchase the new one. 

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