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ISO certification has become crucial for the growth of businesses across industries. There are a number of ISO certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, ISO 20121 ISO 639 ISO 45001, ISO 37001, ISO 26000 and ISO 50001 among others. Attaining these certifications helps organizations streamline various processes and improve different aspects of their business including the quality of their products and services, security system, employee productivity, manufacturing, waste management and more. It is imperative to find an accredited ISO certification body to complete the process smoothly. Many organizations find it hard to find the right ISO body and end up ruining their chances of qualifying the certification.

In this article, we shall take you through the simple steps to find an ISO body. You will learn their importance as well as the things to consider while drilling down to the most appropriate one. So, read on!

The Need for an ISO Certification Body

For those of you wondering what an ISO certification body is and why you need it, let us tell you that it is an independent third party that conducts ISO certifications. Certification bodies help organizations obtain independent recognition. The option of self-certification is also available however credibility of such a certification is questionable.

Now, when you go out to find an ISO body, you will find several of them but many of them may not be experienced enough. Some of them may even have a bad reputation. They may charge less compared to those that have goodwill in the market however there is no point going for them as they will not add much value to your organization.

It is important to choose an ISO certification body of good repute to bring about a positive change in your organization and boost your business.

Things to Consider While Choosing an ISO Certification Body

Here are a few points that will help you find the right ISO certification body. You must consider these points as you go looking for one:


An accredited or licensed ISO certification body is what you need for your certification. It is important to check whether the certification body you are choosing has a license from the local government or not.


Next, you must take a look at the experience your shortlisted certification bodies have. You may want to seek assistance from an inexperienced one to save a few bucks on your ISO certification in Mumbai as their rates are likely to be lower than the experienced auditors. However, you will lose on various other aspects by doing so. This is why it is important to choose a certification body that comes with a good amount of experience.


Do they have experience certifying companies working in your sector should also be your point of interest. This is because just having experience is not enough. They should have some experience in your particular industry. They will be able to take you through the process more quickly and smoothly if they have experience in your sector. Otherwise you may end up spending a lot of time and effort explaining how things work in your industry before they help you with the certification process.

Don’t be hesitant to ask the auditor about his experience and the clients he has worked with.


The reputation of the certification body must be among your prime considerations. A certification body holding a good reputation is a brilliant choice to boost your reputation as well. It will help establish a strong foothold in the market and win over influential clients and investors.


As basic as it may seem, there shouldn’t be a language barrier as it hampers smooth functioning. While choosing an auditor you must see if you two are able to understand each other’s dialect/language with ease or is it hard to put across your point.


This point shouldn’t be missed out either. It is important to see how serious the auditor is about his work and how professional he is in his dealing. Someone with a casual approach can be a pain in the neck. Likewise, someone who is rude or impatient can also ruin the whole experience for you. To understand the temperament and work ethics of the auditor, it is important for you to conduct a few meetings with him before taking him onboard. You may also read reviews about him or get in touch with a few of his clients to understand his style of working before finalizing the deal.

Quick Tips to Choose an ISO Certification Body

In addition to considering the work experience, specialization, accreditation, reputation and professionalism of a certification body, you can use the quick tips mentioned below to choose a suitable one:

Check Your Competitors

It is a good idea to learn about the certification bodies your clients and competitors have hired. They would certainly have done the complete research before finalizing them. Thus, this will save you time and effort while choosing one.

Start the Search Timely

Do not wait until the end of the management system implementation to begin your hunt for an auditor. Start looking for one during the early stages so that you have enough time to find the most appropriate one.

The Cost Involved

Price should not be your key criteria while choosing an auditor however it is important to consider it while making the final decision. Compare and contrast the ISO 27001 certification cost as well as the cost of other certifications by different certification bodies.

Go for Integrated Audit

Many businesses go for more than one ISO certification to improve different aspects of their organization. They look for different certification bodies to conduct audits for different ISO certifications. But did you know if you want to implement more than one ISO standard then you can simply ask your certification body to conduct an integrated audit rather than going through separate audits. You will save a lot of time, money as well as effort this way.

We are sure the simple points shared above help you find a suitable certification body that takes you through the certification process smoothly and helps you qualify. Do let us know if you require further help in this regard.

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