How do you choose a stroller organizer?

stroller organizer

How do you choose a stroller organizer? My husband and I longed for the days when we could have a baby stroller, a diaper bag, and a shopping bag to carry our groceries and other items on short trips to the grocery store. We were urban dwellers at the time and walked everywhere and used transit.

We took our first trip with our daughter to a coffee shop two blocks away from our home. It was quite difficult to maneuver a baby in a compact stroller over a tram track or curb. I found it difficult to hold an iced coffee in one hand and navigate life after a C-section.

How to Choose a Stroller Organizer

Double-check that the organizer will fit your stroller and needs before you decide which stroller organizer is best. These are some important points to remember:

Super Lightweight Strollers

Many stroller organizers are not designed to work with lightweight strollers like the GB Pocket. This is what I know from personal experience. The Skip Hop Grab organizer was used with my pocket stroller on a trip to Italy. The heavy Skip Hop stroller organizer was too heavy to support the pocket. The organizer’s weight would cause the stroller to tip back every time I lifted my daughter from the buggy. Stroller organizer bags won’t work well with an umbrella stroller for tall parents.

Single or double strollers?

Many stroller organizers can be used with a single stroller. Double-check that your side-by-side stroller is compatible with the organizer.

Attachment with Sturdy Straps Adjustable

The majority of strollers are attached by a large Velcro strap on one side. You should look for bags with a strong velcro strap. It will be a waste of money if the strap slips or falls off frequently. It will also be very annoying.

The Organizer Closures

The magnetic closure is included in Emma and Ethan’s main compartment. This is particularly useful when travelling to cities that target tourists and frazzled moms.


This is an important consideration when purchasing baby or toddler gear. Although a stroller organizer is great for carrying our milk and coffee, there are always spills. When we go over curbs or other obstacles, full containers often spill onto the organizer. From snacks that our daughter has refused, we also have a lot of crumbs in our main compartment.


Think about what you will store in the organizer and how it will be used. Then, choose an organizer that suits your needs. I find that having cup holders pockets for insulated cups is of only moderate importance at this point. My daughter doesn’t use milk bottles anymore, so it’s not necessary to keep her milk cold.

The Organizer Attached makes it easy to fold your stroller

The stroller organizer shouldn’t hinder folding. The majority of them are attached to the top handle so that you can still fold the stroller quickly. This should be checked before you buy it. It would be annoying to have to take it off and on again every time you fold the stroller.

Stroller Organizer Safety

No matter what stroller organizer you choose to use, make sure to read the instructions and check it out before you put your child in it.

Although it sounds absurd, stroller organizers can pose a safety risk. This is something I have seen firsthand. I found a heavy organizer that was too heavy to fit in my stroller one afternoon. My daughter was strapped in and then fell back. She was fine, as her head was in line with the organizer so that the fall was cushioned. It freaked out me and was a failure in stroller childproofing.

Final thoughts on choosing a stroller organizer bag

I believe Ethan and Emma are the best stroller organizers for most families, as I have said. The Diono Buggy Buddy and Itzy Ritzy stroller organizer bags are worth looking at. The J.L. Storage System is another option if you think you will need more storage space for books and toys.

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