How Do You Find Out Who Has Viewed Your Facebook Story?

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Facebook is the worst offender when it comes to using Snapchat’s story feature in its app, according to a recent study. In addition to Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and even WhatsApp, the social network behemoth has rolled out its story feature. For those who don’t want to install Snapchat or Instagram in order to use Facebook’s FB Story feature, Facebook is still bringing new features to the platform. Facebook story viewer or can’t see views on the Facebook story, here you’ll find how can people see who viewed their Facebook stories. 

Facebook’s Story-Based Platform

The top of your News Feed will be populated with your Facebook stories. Your friends’ profile pictures will appear in any stories they share. You’ll see a blue circle around stories you haven’t seen yet and a grey circle around stories you have. You can view a person’s story by clicking on their profile picture and it will open in the Facebook app. Windowed mode allows you to view and move on, or to send a Direct Message (DM). Facebook Stories does not feature comments, likes, or other interactions, unlike the rest of the network. You have no choice but to message the person directly on Messenger.

See Who Has Viewed Your Facebook Status Updates

In order for businesses and individuals alike to see which of their friends are interested in their stories, Facebook has added a feature that allows you to see who has viewed your story.

The Facebook app can be used to open your story.

Find the eye icon in the lower-left corner of the screen to activate it.

To see who has seen your story, click on the icon.

If you’ve set your privacy preferences correctly, you may see Friends, Connections, and Randoms with Friends at the top of your list. However, you can see exactly how many people have seen your story and at what time.

Control who sees your Facebook Story

Facebook Stories have the same privacy options as Facebook updates or posts. Configuring them before sharing allows you to manage who sees what.

To get to Your Story, click the down arrow next to it.

You can choose between “Friends and Connections” and “Followers Only” as your network. Alternatively, you can select “Custom” if that’s what you want.

Once you’ve finished, click the Share button.

The “Public” option on Facebook allows your story to be seen by anyone, just like any other Facebook setting. If you choose “Friends and Connections” or “Friends only,” your story will only be visible to those who have “friended” you. Using the Custom option, you can create a list of people who will be able to see your story.

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