How Does Astrologers Earn Money


Many of my clients visit me to incorporate astrology into their current business or are looking to start a new company based on astrology. They are looking for ways to earn money from products or services that rely on astrology.

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There are many reasons why people choose to do this, but generally, it’s because:

They’ve been enthralled by the astrology of their own and have noticed excellent how transformational it is, as well as
They wish to help their clients go through this kind of change for themselves.
Earn money through making money from astrology
It’s like when you test a unique new hair care product or dine at an incredible restaurant, and you have to tell everyone about it!

How do you move from this initial desire to earning money from astrology through your business?

So, I’ve just started my Astrology Biz Incubator, a free training program to help people with this issue. However, I’ll also provide fantastic ways to integrate astrology into your business through this blog.

How to earn money with the astrology

Astrology Readings

I was amazed by how fast my readings in astrology took off! I offer four distinct kinds of tasks. The most well-known one is the Natal Astrology Reading; however, I also provide lessons that most astrologers would prefer to avoid, like Launch Timing Readings and business chart readings.

Adapting your astrology readings to suit your particular specialization and clients is possible. Providing niche readings is intelligent. In this case, I’m talking about becoming extremely specific with your task. One good example is readings like the AstroCartography analysis that Out of Bounds Astrology offers to help people figure out what their best suitable location to be around the globe as well as where they can travel, and which locations support their professional or spiritual growth as well as details on the past lives of your homeland!

Astrology e-Courses or e-Books

Online courses and products have seen a surge in popularity over the past ten years, and it’s not slowing down quickly. In fact, since the pandemic, this kind of product has gained traction in my company, with more people staying at home and generally becoming overwhelmed by their lives. I’ve developed 10 Astrology courses at Embodied Soul Astrology Academy and embodied Soul Astrology Academy, along with my Lunar Toolkit online product.

There is a huge need in the market for high-quality and contemporary astrology education on specific topics targeted at particular audiences.

It’s possible to charge between $9 to $197 for these services.

Physical Books or Card Decks

Quality Astrology Books are an excellent source of money as well as establishing yourself as an expert in the field of astrology. Writing books isn’t my thing, but I enjoy reading books on astrology; I’ve got 50-60 on my bookshelf and believe there is an audience for books on astrology with specialized subjects and methods.

I am determined to design a fantastic astrology deck to use with my students undergoing certification, and I hope to finish it at the end of this year. But, for my top Astrology decks, I recommend the Black Moon Astrology Cards and the Numinous deck.

Group coaching programs

A few years ago, I conducted an online group class called “The Soulful Business Mistressmind,” which led participants on a journey to learn about their businesses and themselves using astrology’s science.

I utilized it as a test before officially offering astrology courses and products.

It was a great success and was instrumental in driving substantial change for my clients.

You can pick a particular subject or area and then present the same type of program to your clients.

I’ve also been a part of Masterminds, in which Astrology Readings was part of the package. I’ve also advised clients who added readings to their existing programs as they’d like to connect with clients in a more spiritual and aligned method.

Are you interested in other ways to incorporate Astrology into your company?
Okay, I’ve shared four ways to incorporate astrology into your business. You’ll need to sign up for my Astrology Biz Incubator to learn more about the other six options. You’ll get a free worksheet to create your Astrology Business Plan. You’ll also get access to three workshops and two additional sources.

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