How Has the UAE Education System Evolved Over Time?

UAE Education System Evolved Over Time
NA050313-JB-GULF EDUCATION. Students using Tablets during the Gulf Education Supplies and solutions Exhibition at Dubai World Trade Centre on Tuesday 05, March 2013.K T Photo by Juidin Bernarrd
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Last updated on July 26th, 2022 at 06:52 am

I must admit that the educational landscape has altered significantly over the past 20 to 30 years, having spent most of my school years in the United Arab Emirates. At a very famous school in Abu Dhabi when I was a kid, there was a lot of focus on academics, including rote memorization and regular testing. In previous educational methods, students were expected to passively sit through lessons in order to pass exams. With the idea that children were empty canisters waiting to be filled with knowledge, teachers were viewed as “transferrers of knowledge.”

Over the last few decades, the UAE has seen a significant transformation in the area of education. These adjustments include a more all-encompassing strategy that seeks to develop the complete kid and foster the critical thinking abilities required for success. Learning is now viewed as an active and positive process, not as a vessel waiting to be filled with knowledge.


Nearly every element of modern life has been touched by technology, and education is no different. Children no longer need to memorize knowledge the way they once did because of resources like Google and Wikipedia. Children have instant access to an enormous quantity of knowledge. With the use of tablets, students from all over the world are collaborating and replacing books. 

Since technology has made it possible to study, communicate, and interact in new ways, classroom borders are no longer an obstacle. Students now attend online schools to complete their official education and get their high school diplomas, as online education has grown in popularity.

Teaching Techniques

The last several decades have seen a significant change in teaching techniques. In the past, rows of desks in classrooms were set up for individual work. Routine memorizing was common in traditional teaching approaches. In progressive schools, more collaboration is required in the classroom, and desks are organized in groups.

In UAE, there is a very less number of students who avail services like assignment help UAE, or essay help services because they get such kind of help from their teachers. Even they have a very good way of learning that always helps them to get rid of such online services.

 In order to learn properly, children are urged to interact and communicate well. The learning environment is more interactive, and manipulatives and a variety of teaching techniques are used to reinforce concepts. With teacher support, children are expected to conduct their own studies and come to their own conclusions.

Parents’ Participation

Sadly, recent years have seen a reduction in parental participation. This may be due to working parents’ increasingly stressful lifestyles, particularly for working moms. The decrease in parents’ participation in school meetings and events has a detrimental effect on both the academic achievement and general wellbeing of children.

School Policy

To achieve the UAE National Agenda Goals 2021, educational changes have been implemented, according to the UAE Ministry of Education. These days, government agencies including the KHDA, the Ministry of Education, and the ADEC constantly supervise and inspect schools.

The plan includes the use of innovative learning programs, new teaching codes, licensing and assessment systems, and curriculum change.

To make sure that kids are properly equipped to attend colleges throughout the world and participate in the global marketplace, transforming K–12 programs has been a primary area of concentration.

Special education needs are now being addressed more inclusively in recent educational policies than they were in earlier ones. The UAE government has worked hard to integrate hardworking individuals into regular schooling. To satisfy the requirements of the students, schools are now mandated to establish special education needs divisions with competent instructors.

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