How Heavy Are Aluminium Ute Canopies?

How Heavy Are Aluminium Ute Canopies?
How Heavy Are Aluminium Ute Canopies?

On an average scale, aluminium ute canopy will weigh at around 240 to 245kg. But, it depends on the brand, size and also some other features of the canopies over here. No matter how heavy the aluminium canopies seem, it won’t be able to beat the heftiness of the steel counterparts. Steel, because of its high-end durability, will be higher in strength and might cause some serious issues to the vehicle. To avoid that, opting for the aluminium one seems to be a great shot to address all the time.

Features you can get with the aluminium canopies for UTE

The very first thing that comes to your mind while looking for canopies is the weight of it. Once you have determined that for aluminium, it is time to focus on the features involved. Listed below are some of the generic points to look into, in order to purchase the top-notch canopies in the end.

·         Always check in with the heavy duty allow smooth or flat plate that will be the bottom of the canopy and will hold the entire structure together.

·         Try going for the one that is powder coated for both inside and outside. It gives that extra layer of protection from harsh weather conditions and will keep the inside cool during sultry summer months on the road.

·         The fully seamed welded parts of the canopy will make it last for a long time and with that extra bit of secure look you are going for.

·         Try aiming for the fully enclosed units with their own built-in floors. Some models have double doors with the reinforced tube frame between the available two floors.

·         There will be reinforced crossing channels, located right under the roof. Each roof has a particular weight that it is capable of carrying when evenly distributed.

·         The large wing doors need to have a heavy duty version of stainless steel hinge, which is again covered by some of the waterproof PVC materials.

·         Then you have some of the heavy duty gas struts, which are assisting door opening big time.

Checking out these features will actually work wonderfully for you, when you are trying to purchase an aluminium ute canopy for the first time. But, make sure to check in weight and match that with the UTE you are driving before the final call.For some of the great options available online and ready to be delivered at your address, visit Ozi4*4 now.

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