How Jewelry Repair Can Save You Time and Money

Jewelry Repair

Fine jewelry can develop wear and tear over time. Therefore, jewelry repair is essential to preserve the appearance of your favorite pieces. Whether your diamond is loose or the prongs of your engagement ring have bent, jewelry repair can help restore its original beauty and functionality. You can even try DIY repair tips to maintain the beauty and luster of your precious pieces. However, the best option for jewelry repair is to visit a professional jeweler. There are many locations where you can find an expert jeweler to perform the repair.

Chain repair

If your chain has broken, you will likely want to have it repaired. You may have noticed that some chains are plated with gold or rhodium. However, some jewelers can only plate chains made of sterling silver. The original metal of the chain may not be compatible with this plating process, making it difficult to find the best solution for the repair. Fortunately, most jewelers can handle the task, but the process is not suitable for all chains.

Recutting a diamond

Recutting a diamond for jewelry repair is a common procedure, and it can be a great way to restore the original sparkle of your gemstone. However, you should keep in mind that you might lose some of the diamond’s original carat weight. This loss will be around 0.02ct to 0.10ct. Therefore, recutting a diamond may not be the best option for a small or damaged stone.

Re-sizing a ring

Re-sizing a ring in the world of jewelry repair is a common practice. A jeweler will take a section of the ring band and widen it, restoring its circular shape. A skilled jeweler will also be able to repair broken bands and replace missing gems. The process is usually simple, although it may be a little complicated for an inexperienced jeweler.

Soldering a ring together

If you’re planning on wearing your wedding band or engagement ring all the time, you may be wondering whether or not you can solder them together. Soldering rings together has its benefits and drawbacks. Although it can save you a lot of time and money, soldering the rings together can cause them to come undone and cause damage to the jewelry. Not to mention, if you’re doing it yourself, you’ll end up spending more money on the process!

Restoring inheritance jewelry

You can sell your inherited jewelry if you don’t want to keep it. However, there are other ways to reuse your heirlooms. A jewelry repair store can fix ring clasps and replace missing gems. You can even have the pieces polished back to their original shine. If you’re worried about the value of your jewelry, consider a collateral loan for the repair of your inherited pieces. This type of loan gives you same-day cash, and you can repay the loan in four months.

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