How Logistics App Development Paves the Way to Succeed in Your Business

There is a huge role played by logistics in the online operational system. The logistics support has completely changed with ongoing time.

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There is a huge role played by logistics in the online operational system. The logistics support has completely changed with ongoing time. From taking a lot of manpower by giving services such as couriers, movers, packers to completely digitalizing it by various mobile and web applications. Facilities such as warehouse management, fleet management, order tracking has been fulfilled.

Since the onset of pandemic, the logistic industry are ruling the technological disruptions. However, to make your logistic company work appropriate without losing profits, it’s necessary to provide transparency across various departments. The only solution is Logistics app development that works in accordance to predictions.

In this article, we would cover some aspects of logistic app developments and its benefits to make a successful business. Although, before going further, did you knew below stats?

  • According to freighwaves, an average fleets drive 20% of empty miles and deadhead trips that reduces logistics business income.
  • According to MarketWatch research, the logistic industry is going to cross $287.1 million between 2020 to 2024.
  • By the year 2030, the logistic mobile app market size is going to increase by $77.62 billion.

Why is logistic app development necessary for your business?

Having an ideal logistic app makes your business operations smooth by increasing productivity and more opportunity. Along with transportation companies, any company that is involved in supply chain can take advantage of logistics mobile app development.

Removes unnecessary paper works

Usually, it requires a lot of manpower to collect data and store the papers. A logistic app development, easily compiles and stores everything that is needful in a single page. This solves the biggest problem of the logistic sector.

Lessens time and cost

The margin of a logistic business is probably lost by time of delivery and cost of delivery. An efficient system resolves all this problems, as it has become quite easy to find the client and customers both on app as well as the mediator.

Continuous vehicle tracking

The pioneer of problem was keeping a check on the vehicle. Where it is right now? In what time will it reach to destination? Reasons for delay? But when the advancements took place into logistic industry by digitalizing it with amazing features, the problems are no more visible.

Enhancing warehouses

A logistic app development is built-in with database feature that has barcode scanning features which improves freight and dispatch. It also gives you the option of scheduled delivery to go better hand.

Types of logistic mobile app development

The initial step for your logistic mobile app development is to decide niche of your business. There are five types of logistic apps that improves quality of work of your organization.

Fleet management mobile app

This application is completely developed by keeping in mind the issues faced by businesses in search for their fleet. A fleet management mobile application development team keeps all such issues in mind, and develop a feature of fleet tracking. It is completely hassle free and doesn’t requires to contact the driver or physically check the status of vehicle.

It also helps to owner to keep a check over maintenance of the vehicle, distance travelled by it, and few other essentials that helps to manage their fleet. Some of other features that are lined up are barcode scanning, submission of completed order, issue in reporting etc.

Logistics on-demand app

It is not necessary the whole delivery fleet might be loaded with parcels. Incase, of some space in the vehicle; some more freights may be placed into the vehicle to be delivered. A logistic on-demand app makes you use your delivery services to the fullest.

It connects the drivers of the company and the one who want to ship their cargo. In return, it reduces the advertisement cost. GPS tracking is one of the advanced feature into it.

Warehouse mobile apps

Owning a warehouse is a tedious task. It completely requires a digital solution to manage assets, track inventory, shipments and keep track on warehouse operations from anywhere. A logistic app solution is sanctioned with modern technologies and third party API integration.

It stores the huge amount of data in a single app. Some features like barcode scanning helps to update the inventories of warehouse in real-time reduces manpower errors and improves employee efficiency

Steps to hire a logistic app development company

You might have seen multiple benefits of an logistics on-demand app, hence the time is correct to consult a logistic app development company that consist one-stop solutions for all errors faced.

You can communicate the required essentials in your tailored logistic app to the development company. But remember to make sure you both are on same perspective of developing kind of app.

Sign a Non-disclosure agreement

Once the logistic app development company is hired, the sales head will have a call with you to take the information and all the criteria about the project. Once the company is shortlisted by you, it is required to sign an NDA with them to make your project confidential.

Make a rough estimate

It’s necessary to make a rough estimate, because budget is the prior thing to prepare. Developing an app takes from basic to standard versions and features, but it is necessary for you to take a note on which area you stand.

Although, the estimate you prepared and the company gave you may differ but it may be keeping in mind to future cost and maintenance of the app.

Choose an App-development platform

There are many options that are available for mobile app development platforms, but what suits your requirement merely depends upon your project and technical requirement into it.

Whether it is an Android app, Windows or Ios; it simply need wide range of features that are beneficial for your project. Some of the frameworks such as Flutter, ReactNative and Node.js are usually used in logistic mobile app development.

A Flutter app is a cross-platform frameworks that used to prepare logistic apps for Android, Ios and Windows as well. It is usually prepared for front-end development as it has single codebase for multiple platforms which is cost-effective and fast.

However, a ReactNative is a framework that has a speedy process. It is used for Front-end development by giving a responsive user interface, saves load time and is less expensive.

Additionally, Node.js is an excellent back-end tool for any project, preferably for logistic app development.

Launch the initial phase

In this phase, the development team comes with the concerns about different aspects of applications. It includes which business model would go with it, features to be inputted in the app and the process of making the app interactive enough. It shall also show many screen which would reflect the design of app.

Run the MVP

A demo version of the app, would be developed by the development team before launch of the application. This includes features like examining the functionality of business model.

Launch the application

The last step is launching application on app store. The whole process of developing and managing requires a lot of examination and proper execution as per business model.


Whatever your interest may be to manage the storage, fleets or developing a logistic on-demand app; you would face issues if you do it alone. Outsourcing your needs with logistic app Development Company, a high quality customized mobile app at budget-friendly cost is developed. An innovative logistic app may surely take your business to next level.

Patel Nasrullah Co-founder Peerbits, one of the leading offshore development team provider. With his guidance many companies hire virtual developers from Peerbits for their complex and customized projects. His years of hardwork, dedication, and experience has helped him in developing profound expertise for a wide array of technologies, tools, and platforms. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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