How Many Chapters Are There in Rooster Fighter? Detail Guideline

In my opinion, Shu Sakuratani’s Rooster Fighter has been a constant presence in the series since it first appeared in the series, popping up every few months in one form or another. Finally, I had the opportunity to read it, and as the title suggests, only one thought came to mind: what the heck was that? Allow me to explain, and yes, the pun is impressive.

Basic Introduction of Rooster Fighter

The premise of Rooster Fighter is simple: a comedy/action rooster fighter manga with parodic elements. A lone chicken – a rooster – wanders the world, fighting monsters that randomly appear to avenge the death of his sister. The journey leads him to meet a variety of colorful characters who are willing to share their life stories with him. Sakuratani’s drawings cover various animals, especially rooster encounters. The fight scenes can stand up to some more action-oriented traditional Shonen stories. Overall, it was an enjoyable reading experience.

Nevertheless, when you take a closer look at it, you suddenly realize: that this thing is really weird. First, why is a rooster living his best (thug) life in the wild? What are these demonic things that keep popping up? What happened to the sister, and why does every minor character have a tragic backstory? Why does a chicken’s one-night stand make so much sense story-wise and make you want to read on?

Why Is There So Much Hype Around Rooster Fighter?

Rooster Fighter manga character with its whimsical parody is a well-thought-out story with graphics with no precision. The plot’s driving force is the mysterious demons that appear and attack innocent bystanders. It seems they were born out of human desperation and longing. As mentioned before, the secondary characters also leave an impression through their unique personalities, involvement, and backstory.  How our protagonist ends up fighting them isn’t clear. All the clashes and problems, he never falters and always has a backup plan – something Shonen fans are sure to appreciate.

Currently, a total of 3 volumes of the Rooster Fighter manga have been published. There have been several translations of the series since its debut in December 2020, and it is published in Mexico, Spain, and Brazil, among other countries. Viz Media has licensed the Rooster Fighter manga in English for the North American market and released its first volume on August 16. 

Mexican Publisher Advertises Rooster Fighter Manga With Real Rooster

The publisher “Panini Manga México” has published on its Twitter account a special video announcing that it will publish the manga “Rooster Fighter,” written and illustrated by Shu Sakuratani. It is set to release in September, but details about periodicity and retail price have not been announced yet.

What makes it special is that the publisher has decided to use a real “chicken” to promote the manga, as you can see in the video. The rooster first enters the publishing building by elevator. Then he walks around the office for a while. After some time, the real rooster poses next to the manga “Rooster Fighter.”

Rooster Fighter” manga is a story about mankind’s threat from monsters that possess overwhelming power. The story revolves around a single rooster fighting to survive for mankind.”

XANA’s Collaboration with Rooster Fighter 

The manga Chicken Fighter by Shu Sakuratani is about a fighting cock, in which a chicken becomes a hero and saves mankind. The comic’s main character is a chicken who loves women and is fond of sea urchins. His trademark is a kick that is so effective that it immediately knocks the opponent to the ground.

The story begins with a demonic creature called “Kiju” that attacks humanity and has overwhelming power. He has destroyed many lives, and people live in despair. In the darkest of times, when everyone had already given up, it was a single chicken that came like a ray of hope and saved humanity from destruction.

The comic has fans in Japan and worldwide. This manga character is powerfully illustrating and intensely portrays emotions such as humor and tragedy. According to an estimation, over 100,000 users from Central and South America, the United States, the Philippines, and other countries visited Komipre Manga Theater, a web-based distribution service for comic books, within the first few hours of the series “Episode 1: Beast Jucho-San.”. 

Shu Sakuratani has become a famous author throughout Japan and has many fans worldwide thanks to these comics. Before the first volume’s publication in Japan, the comic was translated into nine languages in about 35 countries due to popular demand. 

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