How many compulsory subjects are there in the Class 11 Science Stream?

How many compulsory subjects are there in the Class 11 Science Stream?
How many compulsory subjects are there in the Class 11 Science Stream?

Every year around 33% of students choose the science stream for senior secondary education in class 11. Because choosing science opens up the door to numerous bright opportunities for well-paying and all-time relevant jobs like doctor, engineer, or any career that could be pursued in the field of science that solves the never-ending problems of the real world. Enroll for admission to Best CBSE School in Greater Noida.
Although the New Education Policy (NEP), 2020 has changed the whole stigma of ‘streams’ as students now can select subjects as per their choice. However, students still need to have a strong grip over some subjects to appear in their respective entrance examinations. In this article, we talk about the compulsory science subjects one needs to take in class 11th.

Physics: The Fundamental Friend

Physics is a natural discipline that investigates matter (anything surrounding you!). It sits at the core of everything we do in our daily lives and it is impossible to imagine a life without physics.
Now, physics is made a compulsory subject because it strengthens your analogical reasoning. As you work through this subject, you are using your comprehension skills packed with the analytical skills of mathematics to understand the various dynamics physics helps you understand.
Physics teaches the students to think, which is a 21st-century skill that helps you thrive in the competitive world out there. You will be studying the following topics in physics if you choose science:
1. Kinematics
2. Motion & Energy
3. Electrostatics
4. Electromagnetism
5. Electronic Devices
From an entrance examination point of view, physics contains 1/3rd and 1/4th of total marks for Medical and Engineering appearances respectively. Your keen interest in physics can also help you aspire to an interesting career as a:

  • Physicists- They study the universe and everything in it
  • Astronauts – They travel into space
  • Data Scientists – They crack difficult data to mine out important information.

Chemistry: Study the Mystery with Chemistry!

Chemistry is a compulsory subject for science students because it connects other important subjects like physics, maths, biology, and environmental sciences. 

Chemical innovations improve our quality of life by providing new solutions to health, material, and energy-related problems. Be it the medical or the non-medical interest, chemistry becomes an important pillar for their understanding. 

Chemistry helps you to understand concepts from human physiology to pharmacology (study of medicines), to the knowledge of building materials and machinery fuels, used intensively by the industrial sectors of the world. Chemistry in the science stream introduces you to the following topics:

  • Chemical Bonding and Molecules
  • Chemical Energy 
  • Organic Chemistry and Compounds 
  • Chemical Kinetics 
  • Surface Chemistry

Its weightage in entrance exams is the same as Physics i.e. 1/3rd and 1/4th   in Engineering and Medical qualifying exams. Your keen interest in chemistry can also help you aspire to an interesting career as a:

  • Lab/Research Scientist- They examine the interaction of chemicals
  • Chemical Engineers- They find solutions to various problems faced by industries with the help of chemicals
  • Food Chemists – They analyze and improve the chemical make-up of food
  • Forensic Scientists- They work in crime scene investigations to collect and understand the evidence.


Now, if you prepare for a technical/engineering career prospect, maths becomes a compulsory subject for you.

Mathematics: For Future Engineers and Number Masters!

Mathematics is the study of numbers, formulae, and associated structures (algebra), shapes and spaces in which they are enclosed (geometry), and quantities and their changes (quantity theory). Now if you want to pursue engineering or higher studies in mathematics and physics, this subject will help you more than Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus Christ to carry the cross. As mathematics helps you build your cognitive ability to a whole new level, it also boosts your problem-solving skills. This would not be a fundamental subject for you if you want to pursue medicine in the future. Engineering aspirants should give this subject as much attention as possible, as it is 1/3rd and other important weightage of total marks in the JEE examinations and other technical careers. If maths becomes a driving force for your career, you can explore the following options:

  • Scientists- They work in organizations like ISRO, BARC, etc.
  • Banking- They are responsible for your bank and the financial understanding of it
  • Actuarial Scientists- They help people understand the financial costs of risks and uncertainty

Biology becomes a compulsory subject for you if you are an aspiring candidate for medical, agricultural, and any other bio-dependent field.

Biology: The Doctor Subject

Biology is the scientific study of living organisms and their essential processes. The diversity of life on Earth, which began more than 3.7 billion years ago, is enormous. This subject takes you through the following interesting topics:

  • Cell Structure
  • Plant Physiology
  • Human Physiology
  • Genetics & Evolution
  • Biotechnology

In the case of biology, what you learn in 11th grade will serve as a foundation or concept for your future academics, therefore studying is essential for basic concept clarity. Unlike mathematics, this subject is necessary to compete in the NEET entrance exam, so engineering aspirants can relax as they won’t have to learn Latin names of a thousand compounds, as for MBBS aspirants gear up! Nothing’s impossible!

  • Animal behaviorists- They study the way animals behave
  • Marine Biologists – They study the various life forms found in the oceans
  • Geneticists- They help people with various aspects of genetics like congenital disabilities, etc.


English is an obligatory subject learned in Classes 11-12 regardless of the stream because it is one of India’s official languages and the most widely spoken language on the planet. Because English is a widely used language in offices, colleges, and online, having a basic understanding is always beneficial. Choose for admission top-ranked international School in Greater Noida.

The subject focuses on improving reading, writing, grammar, and listening/speaking skills in English at Class 11-12 level, preparing students for higher study as well as immediate employment. After studying English, you can pursue careers in mass communication, journalism, teaching, public relations, etc. Having a good hold on English can also help you enhance your general communication and comprehension skills, which will come in handy in practically any profession where English is the major language of communication.

  • Writer- They produce literary compositions, articles, reports, books, and other texts!
  • Teacher/Professor- They share their knowledge with students and their peers!

Apart from these compulsory subjects, students have to choose at least 1 optional subject that their school offers. These options include Psychology, Physical Education, Economics, Computer Science, etc.


There are several job prospects available after completing the Science stream in Classes 11-12; however, the topics are tough and will require effort. As a result, you should only go down this road if you are certain of your interest in and the ability for these ideas. In case of any queries, visit our comment section and let us know!

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