How Many Types Are There Of Firefighting Systems?

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A fire suppression system as the name suggests is a system used to detect fire as soon as it turns on. Suppressing fire is important to prevent corporeal damage as well as materialistic destruction.

When heat and fire are detected, the fire suppression system turns on and puts off the fire immediately.

There are many fire suppression system types that we will discuss in the article below. Also, different sizes of suppression systems are available for different types of fires. Moreover, these are installed according to the required area. For instance, different equipment will be used at an airport as compared to a server room.

What are fire suppression system types?

Engineered Fire Suppression System

This system is ideal when you have electronic equipment or systems in your commercial or industrial area that can be damaged by the sprinkler system. The engineered system sweeps the endangered area with a cleaning agent. Cleaning/ clean agents are a wonderful gas that helps to suppress the fire and are safe for humans and equipment as well.

Pre Engineered Fire Suppression System

This fire suppression system puts off the fire during the initial stages of the flame. However, this system is divided into two parts:

·         Dry Chemical System:

The dry chemical fire suppression method utilizes dry chemicals that extinguish the fire and provides efficient results.

·         Wet Chemical Suppression System:

A wet chemical suppression system uses when chemical agents to suppress the fire. Wet chemical suppression is mainly used to put off commercial cooking fire.

Water-based fire system:

One of the most commonly used fire suppression systems Is a water-based sprinkler. It is used in different places, including houses, or businesses. It can be used as the building fire suppression system to knock down fires in different apartments if required.

When the system detects a fire hazard, it immediately sprays water to cool down the fire.

One of the benefits of this system is that it is easy on pocket book and can be replaced easily. However, there can be damage to the electronic equipment caused by the water in the sprinkler. Therefore, it must be carefully installed where there are fewer to no electronics.

Pneumatic Heat Detector

A pneumatic heat detector has a detecting tube that detects heat and instantly reacts. The temperature when reaches a certain limit triggers a small hole in the pipe to put out the fire.

Chemical Foam Suppression

A chemical foam suppression system is ideal in a kitchen to handle kitchen mishaps. These are installed under the kitchen canopies and are easy to use.

The dry chemicals that are used are mono-ammonium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate.

Pressurized Gas System

In this system, the gas is kept under pressure which turns the gas into a liquid. Therefore, as soon as the fires are detected, the suppression system sends out the gas which reacts and has a chemical reaction to extinguish it.

How is a fire detected in a suppression system?

These are the two types of fire detection:

·         Active

This system requires electricity to stay on and detect the signs of smoke and heat to give signals. It is a very effective method of sensing the fire. However, if the power is lost the system’s ability to catch sight of fire is also gone.

·         Non-electric

A non-electric fire detection system does not rely on electricity instead fire detection tube is installed. When this tube senses fire it bursts which triggers the fire suppression system.

Installing a fire suppression system in your construction projects is mandatory. But the type of system that needs to be installed depends on the place. For instance, a point that has electronics and other equipment must get a chemical foam suppression to avoid damage to machines. Moreover, you can take opinions from reputed companies as to what you must install according to the project.

There are numerous types of fire suppression systems available these days. However, every system possesses its special features and advantages. Thus, the systems are installed according to their specifications and the risks of fire hazards in a particular area.

Construction companies and building owners hire professional estimating companies for conducting fire suppression system cost estimate. This helps them save time and resources and give more grips on the budget.


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