How Massage Therapy in Sherwood Park Help in Depression?

Massage Therapy in Sherwood Park
Massage Therapy in Sherwood Park - Refresh Health and Wellness

When you are receiving massage therapy, the therapist manipulates the muscles and the soft tissue to increase their effectiveness, encourage relaxation, or both.

It has been practiced in China for over 3000 years. Many practitioners believe that it can aid in easing depression. The theory is that touch creates hormones within your body that give you a feeling of an emotional bond. Massage can help you relax your mind, boost your mood, and relieve physical discomfort and tension.

While further research is needed, researchers have discovered evidence supporting the notion that massage therapy could bring physical health benefits. Based on the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health Trusted Source, clinical research suggests that massage therapy in Sherwood Park could aid in treating depression. It could also be an excellent supplement to your treatment regimen.

Can massage therapy help alleviate depression?

If the muscles and connective tissues become stiff or rigid, it may cause discomfort and hinder your movements. Massage therapy can ease this strain on your muscle and connective tissue. It also boosts blood flow and encourages relaxation.

If you’re suffering from depression, likely, massage therapy will not solve your condition. However, it can help alleviate physical symptoms that are associated with depression. Massage, for instance, can aid in easing joint pain, back discomfort, and muscle pain. Massage can also aid in easing fatigue and sleep issues.

What is massage therapy?

In a massage session, the therapist will rub and stretch and put pressure on the muscles throughout your body. Certain types of massage require contact with your clothes. Some require direct contact with the skin, typically with scent oils. A few involve acupuncture needles, warm stones, or more complex twisting postures.

Here are some of the most popular types of Massage Therapy in Sherwood Park is Used:

Swedish massage: is a common technique where the therapist applies gentle, circular massages to your muscles.

  • In the chair massage technique: you’ll sit in the back of a chair and lean forward to create the headrest. This is a good way to introduce yourself to massage because the sessions are typically brief and do not require taking off any clothes.
  • Deep tissue massage: the massage therapist could employ this technique to relieve tight muscles due to stress or other issues. They’ll concentrate on the muscles closest to your bones and their connective tissue.
  • Shiatsu: when you practice this method, your therapist applies pressure with a strong force to certain points on your body, similar to acupuncture. The pressure is stronger than other types of massages. However, it is not a common cause of stiffness.
  • In the Reflexology kind of massage: the practitioner will apply pressure to your feet which are believed to be connected with various systems and organs of your body.
  • Massage with aromatherapy: The therapist will combine massage and scented oils to ease stress or increase your energy levels.
  • The hot stone massage in this technique, your massage therapist will lay hot flat stones on your body to ease your muscles. They’ll also apply pressure on the stones to ease muscle tension.

Massage therapy has many benefits

Massage therapy in Sherwood Park is usually secure for most people if performed by a certified professional. You’ll notice that it gives immediate satisfaction. You’ll be relaxed and calm as soon as the massage starts. It is possible to combine it with other treatments for depression, like medications and psychotherapy.

Massage therapy is not without its limitations

In its way, massage therapy will not give you long-term relief from depression. It’s not addressing the chemical or emotional issues that cause your depression in a manner that can be lasting. It should not be considered a substitute for other conventional treatments.

How often do you need to get A Massage?

A massage therapy in Sherwood Park is an effective way to relax stress, relax, or tackle an issue with your health. You can find the services of a massage therapist to get many different types of massage. You may also perform self-massage or have someone else perform massage at home.

There are no standard guidelines regarding the number of massages you could receive. However, your massage therapist or physician may suggest an appropriate frequency and duration for your requirements.

Massages to treat injuries are usually more frequent, whereas massages intended for relaxation or pampering are not as frequent.

Bottom Line

If you need massage therapy offered in Sherwood Park to overcome depression? Don’t fret and call Refresh health and Wellness and avail yourself of their top massage therapy services.

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