How Meditation Classes Have Transformed My Life

How Meditation Classes Have Transformed My Life
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My journey to learn meditation online started with an issue I never knew I would have. I always dreamed about joining the big corporate world. I spent years building a career, earning a decent living. I was quite happy with my job, a six-figure salary, new car, and a thriving love life. Then one morning, it all started with me waking up tired, groggy and being unable to get up to leave for work. 

Starting that day, my performance at the office dropped so low since I began to have frequent mood swings, lost my motivation for work, and started calling in sick. I got some support and was prescribed medicines to help me feel less stressed at work. The pills worked a bit, but I still had to drag my drowsy and confused self to work every day. 

Like me, 83% of workers in the USA suffer from work-related stress, as shown in research. It is estimated that stress causes a million Americans to be absent every day. I had thought that I had a healthy work-life balance, but it turned out that I did not. Those long hours at desk and commuting, heavy workload made me lose the autonomy I had over the quality of my life. It left me overwhelmed, burnt out and overly stressed, without me even realizing.

This is until a colleague recommended guided meditation online classes. She told me to register for a course provided by a certified yoga teacher. First I was a bit skeptical but I  found myself chanting the mantras and doing some gentle stretching at a live online yoga session. 

As I learnt from my meditation online classes, this is not just a temporary tool of stress relief or a shortcut to the feeling of peace. 

The US National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) states that “Meditation is a mind and body practice” which helps enhance “overall health and well-being.” Almost a year has passed since I began to learn meditation online. My personal experience also confirms some of its health benefits as reported by hundreds of scientific studies. 

  • It has helped me become calmer, balanced and focused: From the first day, I learnt that I do have the tools to allow my mind to heal, repair, and to settle down, as I learnt to let go of my tension, worries and stress. It is true. Experts believe that meditation lowers the levels of cortisol and other stress hormones in blood. The truth is..I still face stressful situations now, but I can  relax and handle them more effectively. 
  • There are marked improvements in my health: Now, I sleep well and my energy levels throughout the day are higher than before. By lowering my blood pressure and heart rate, guided meditation helped me rediscover and even boost my strengths, self-worth and confidence in life and as well as in career. Now, I cannot really remember the last time I felt overly stressed with a weak, fluttering heartbeat or shortness of breath.

My physician, hence, suggests that I continue with my yoga and meditation classes. Regardless of your job, background, age, level of knowledge or fitness, adding guided meditation to your daily routine, I think, can work wonders for your body and brain, resulting in positive changes in your life. 


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