How Megawatt Laser Cutting Machine Applied in Shipping Industry

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In the actual production process of ships, laser cutting and laser welding are mainly involved, which are the two processes that cost the most time and the most cost in hull construction. Especially in recent years, the word “Megawatt laser cutting machine” is more and more hot, at the same time “precision shipbuilding” and “fast shipbuilding” slowly become the main trend of the development of shipbuilding industry, megawatt laser cutting machine becomes rapid popularity.


The ship industry has a high requirement on the precision of hull section transfer, and the frame transfer clearance must be controlled within the range of 1mm. In the past, when ship manufacturing enterprises generally used plasma to cut the ribs, cutting margin was set on the ribs in order to ensure the assembly gap, which required manual cutting during the field assembly. The cutting quality was uneven, and the residual oxide in the slit increased the assembly workload and the assembly cycle increased, resulting in the extension of the whole section construction cycle.

And the application of the megawatt laser cutting machine solves this problem perfectly. The megawatt laser cutting machine can ensure the high precision production of the workpiece, after the megawatt laser cutting machine blanking the workpiece error is within ±0.05mm, and because the high power laser cutting machine can achieve high speed cutting, its heat affected zone is much smaller than the plasma cutting machine, effectively improve the workpiece deformation problem. Take Tianhong 12000W laser cutting machine as an example, can achieve the quality of 30mm carbon steel, 50mm stainless steel 40mm aluminum and 20mm brass cutting, in 12mm carbon steel cutting its speed up to 2100mm per minute, that is, 2.1m/min.


Tianhong Laser Cutting machine has following features, which is suitable for shipping cutting.

Flexible operation of motion system, humanized design, more practical user experience

Surrounded gantry double drive, synchronous switching platform design, save loading and unloading time, improve production efficiency;

High machine stability: gantry adopts high strength aluminum alloy overall extrusion beam, with light weight, good dynamic response; X&Y shaft is driven by precise bevel gear, which effectively ensures the accuracy of cutting stability.

Centralized process database, as you use it.

In addition, because the workpiece processing error of the laser cutting machine is small (within ±0.05mm), the laser cutting machine no longer reserved hacks surplus materials in the rib plate. This not only saves hacks materials and reduces excess labor consumption, but also saves time and reduces the manufacturing cycle of ships. It better fits the development trends of two industries, namely “precision shipbuilding” and “rapid shipbuilding”.

Compared with the previous traditional production methods (flame cutting, plasma cutting), the laser cutting machine has the following advantages:

One:Low processing cost, fewer processing procedures and high efficiency

The traditional process generally includes 5 processes +4 parts handling, and the laser cutting process can be simplified into: plate into the factory, laser cutting (laser cutting + laser groove + laser drilling) 2 processes, not only improve the processing speed, save labor, but also greatly reduce the cost of ship manufacturing.

In addition, the megawatt laser cutting machine has a very good advantage in dealing with the processing of medium and thick plate, the speed is faster than the traditional plasma cutting, and with the increase of power, its cutting speed of 10mm carbon steel plate will continue to increase. Similarly, with the increase of power, the ultimate cutting thickness of carbon steel plate is also increasing.

Two: Flexible and intelligent production is more suitable for shipbuilding industry

Laser cutting machine with CNC, robot machine combination can help users realize intelligent, flexible production. With the hydraulic lifting auxiliary feeding mechanism and lifting exchange platform, the laser cutting machine of Wanw plate can realize flexible feeding and fine tuning of plate, fast cutting and reduce non-production time. Combined with the high intelligent CNC bus system can make the laser cutting machine to achieve the cutting process Settings change, real-time monitoring of cutting status, cutting data parameters of the whole test record and other functions, is an important help engineers constantly optimize the cutting process parameters, optimize the workpiece cutting effect.

Three: Can realize efficient, precision machining of a variety of shapes of workpiece 

Because the hull structure needs a variety of shapes of profiles, the corresponding need to be equipped with a million watt laser cutting machine can achieve multi-angle, multi-direction cutting intelligent CNC laser cutting head. For example, the common laser head suitable for two-dimensional plane cutting: automatic focus laser cutting head; Suitable for three-dimensional laser cutting head: three-dimensional automatic focusing laser cutting head; Laser head suitable for multi-dimensional cutting: cutting welding AB groove shaft bus platform, four axis pipe cutting and so on. With high intelligent numerical control system can be processed in 0.03mm, vertical incision, no hanging slag at the bottom of the high-quality workpiece, to ensure the overall precision of the workpiece.

Four: Easy to maintain, save time and effort

Optical fiber laser cutting machine light source is laser beam transmission through optical fiber, this optical fiber transmission mode is more simple than the traditional mechanical optical path, at a glance, easy to maintain, and then with the distribution cabinet of the watt laser cutting machine, safety, dust, anti-static, more greatly save the maintenance of the time, energy and cost.

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