How Much Do Carpet Cleaners Charge Per Room? The Answer Might Surprise You?

How Much Do Carpet Cleaners Charge Per Room? The Answer Might Surprise You?
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Can you believe that there are people out there who still don’t know how much carpet cleaners charge per room? Well, according to a recent survey, the answer might surprise you.

The survey asked respondents how much they would expect to pay for a service that would clean their entire home – from the rooms in the house to the hallways and stairways. And guess what? The average amount people said they would pay was $169!

So if you’re thinking about hiring a carpet cleaner this year, be sure to ask them how much per room they charge. You might be surprised by the answer.

What is a carpet cleaner?

Carpet cleaners are a popular and affordable way to keep your home clean. However, not all carpet cleaning services are created equal. Here’s a look at what you can expect to pay for a carpet cleaner per room:

High-end cleaners: $50-$75 per room

Mid-range cleaners: $30-$50 per room

Low-end cleaners: $10-$20 per room

How do they work?

Carpet cleaning is a popular service that many people want to get done. However, there is no universal price for this service. In fact, the price you pay for carpet cleaning can vary based on the size of the room, the type of carpet, and the company performing the service. 

To get an accurate estimate of how much carpet cleaners charge per room, it is important to understand how these services work. Carpet cleaning typically involves removing dirt, dust, and other debris from your carpeting. Most companies use a combination of machine and hand techniques to clean your carpets. 

Although pricing can vary significantly from one company to another, on average carpet cleaners charge between $60 and $120 per room. This price range includes both larger rooms (up to 500 square feet) as well as smaller spaces (up to 100 square feet).

The cost of carpet cleaning

If you’re considering hiring a carpet cleaner but aren’t sure how much it’ll cost, here’s a breakdown of average charges per room for common services. Keep in mind that prices will vary based on the size and condition of your carpeting, so be sure to ask your cleaner what he or she plans to do before committing.

Carpet Cleaning Prices by Room Type

One of the most important factors to consider when calculating the cost of carpet cleaning is the type of room being cleaned. Here are average charges for different types of rooms:

Room Type Avg. Price Per Room Floor Dirt $11 Upholstery $19 Pet Hair $30 Carpet $35

Floor Dirt: This service includes removal of all dirt, sand, and debris from the floor. It can be a relatively inexpensive option if your carpets are in good condition and haven’t had major spills or accidents recently. Upholstery: This type of cleaning usually includes shampooing and conditioning of furniture fabric, as well as deep-cleaning of upholstery surfaces like cushions and seat pads. Pet Hair: This service is geared towards removing pet hair from difficult-to-reach areas like couches, chairs, and beds. Carpet: This is typically the most expensive type of room to clean because it requires extra attention to detail including deep-cleaning and extraction of embedded dust mites and other allergens.

The cost of a room cleaned by a carpet cleaner

Carpet cleaners can cost anywhere from $25 to $100 per room, with the average price being around $50. There are a few things to consider when calculating the cost of a cleaning: the size of the room, the type of carpet, and if any specific areas need extra attention. 

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your carpet cleaning:

1. Be sure to measure your room before scheduling a cleaning. Carpet cleaners typically charge by the square foot, so knowing in advance how much space is covered will help you get a more accurate price.

2. Make sure your carpets are cleanable before you schedule a cleaning. Carpet that is too dirty will not only require more work from the cleaner, but it also increases the chances that dirt and debris will end up on furniture or other floors throughout your home. 

3. Choose a carpet cleaner who specializes in cleaning carpets. Not all cleaners are equipped to handle all types of carpets; choosing one who specializes in this area will ensure that your carpets receive the best treatment possible. 

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice when planning your carpet cleaning session. Many carpet cleaners offer free consultations in order to help determine which type of cleaner is best suited for your specific needs – don’t be afraid to ask!

What are the benefits of using a carpet cleaner?

Carpet cleaning services are a great way to get your home or office looking spick and span. Not only do they help clean the floors, but they also remove any odors that may be present. Additionally, carpet cleaners often have special tools that can remove pet hair and other debris. Here are five benefits of using a carpet cleaner: 

1. They Help Remove Odors: A dirty carpets can release unpleasant smells, which a carpet cleaner can help to eliminate.

2. They Can Help Clean the Floors: Carpet cleaners often have special equipment that helps them to clean the floors better than regular vacuum cleaners. This is especially important if your carpets are stained or if there is any dirt or dust build-up on them.

3. They Can Remove Pet Hair: If you have pets, this is one area where a carpet cleaner can really come in handy. Not only will they be able to clean up all the hair, but they will also be able to rid your home of any bad smells that may be present from their fur coats.

4. They Are Often Better at Cleaning Surfaces That Aren’t Encased by Flooring: For example, if you have a sofa that sits on the floor, a carpet cleaner may be better equipped to clean it than a regular vacuum cleaner would be.

5. Carpet Cleaners Often Include Special Tools for Removing Dirt and Dust: Many carpet cleaners also include


Carpet cleaning may seem like a costly proposition, but the answer to how much carpet cleaners charge per room might surprise you. In fact, some carpet cleaners will actually do the job for free if you bring them in to inspect your carpets first.

If you’re not sure whether or not your carpets need cleaning, ask your landlord or property manager for their advice before calling a professional.

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