How Much Does It Cost To Design a Logo?

Building a strong business identity that attracts customers is not an easy task. As a business, your brand identity, logo design, business card, brand name, website, packaging, etc should be simple enough to be memorable. Moreover, the logo design should convey your brand message. If you are thinking of designing a logo for your brand, your first instinct is to call the logo designer. However, before you consult a designer you need to plan your budget for designing. 

Whether you design a logo with or without any outside help, there is going to be a multistep process that involves brainstorming, researching, sketching, and designing concepts. Each step will cost you money, time as well as effort. One of the common questions that every brand asks a logo designer is how much a logo design will cost. As a business, you would like to weigh the cost of logo design with the quality and value you are going to achieve. 

Hiring a professional logo designer will help you ensure that your logo design is exclusive and communicate what your brand wants to convey. However, before you decide on a designer you need to understand what you are getting into in terms of money.

Logo design can cost from $0 to as expensive as $10,000. If you are a small business or start-up looking for quality logo design, on average it can cost between $300-$1300. 

There are different ways that you can try for your free logo design. These ways can vary the cost of logo design for your business. Depending on your budget, you can try different options for logo design as follows: 

Free logo maker 

The First and foremost option is logo maker. There are several online platforms that allow users to create logo designs with pre-created design templates. You can create an account on the logo maker platform to create your own logo. If you are one of those who like to showcase their designing skills, a logo maker is a perfect option. 

Logo makers like Designhill are one of the best platforms that allow users to create a custom logo design. You can create custom designs as well as designs from pre-created design templates. The platform allows you to create logos based on your business category. You have to fill in all your brand briefs and create a logo. 

However, in logo makers usually, templates and features are limited. If you want your logo design to be an exclusive, unique, personalized logo, a free edition will not be enough. 

Custom logo templates

Online logo makers allow users to buy custom templates for designing. Pre-created free templates can offer you easy ready-to-use logo design. But with custom templates, you can achieve more personalization for the brand. Many online platforms offer premium versions that include better features and design templates. 

The customized logo templates from the logo maker also allow you to alter the colors, and text to bring more personalization to your design. 

Custom or premium versions of logo makers can range from $10 to as expensive as $1000. 

For instance, Designhill offers four different versions- Standard, executive, fast track, and premium. These versions of the logo maker cost $399, $699, $249, and $999 respectively. Different plans have different features that will allow you to create the best logo designs for your brand. 

Freelance designer

Another option that you can try for your logo design is a freelance designer. Designers will create custom, exclusive designs that convey your brand message. A logo designer can help you with several design concepts. Depending on the skills, experience, and type of logo you want, the cost can range from $250 to $2500. 

An experienced and high-end freelance designer will cost you more as compared to a less experienced. However, hiring a freelance designer will cost you more than an online platform. DesignHill has a community of freelance designers that you can hire for your logo design. You can choose from a wide range of freelance designers offering design services at varied costs. 

Logo design agency

A Professional and experienced branding agency is another option that we can try for your custom logo design. These branding agencies provide branding packages for businesses. Which include logo design, packaging design, and all other brand identities. The Agencies begin their logo design journey by analyzing and researching the market to understand how a brand can stand out.  They will create different design concepts to convey your brand message through unique and exclusive designs. 

However, compared to all other options including freelance designers or online logo makers, design agencies can be expensive. But, in the long run, complete branding packages are more convenient and feasible. Depending on your budget and brand requirements, you can decide on a branding agency. 

What will you get in logo design money? 

Whether you hire a freelance designer or opt for a premium logo maker or design agency, there are different aspects of the logo you will receive. Your money will provide you with design in the following aspects: 

  • Final brand logo design in different formats including high-resolution vector format for printing. Logo design in web-optimized format for social media platforms, websites, and other digital channels. 
  • Legal copyright on your logo design which ensures that the logo is exclusively yours. 
  • Exclusive logo design that belongs to your brand and conveys your personalized brand message. 

Final Thoughts

Creating a logo design for your brand is not an easy task. It conveys your brand message to your target audience. So, exclusivity and the right communication are crucial. However, the cost of designing can vary on the type of way you will opt. Different design options will cost different offering varied benefits. Depending on your brand requirements and budget, you can choose. Consider different factors that add to the cost of a logo. You need to think about what your brand wants to achieve in the long run with a logo. Consequently, decide the options for your custom logo design.

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