How much does it cost to hire a professional exhibition stand designer?

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Exhibition stand design is the main ingredient if the trade show is the soup. The enhancing features of the exhibition stand are the chopped vegetables added to enhance the taste. And the trained staff is the water added to the soup without which the soup will not be made no matter how many ingredients you have. How do you justify the cost of your soup? The ingredients that go into the making of your soup, the add on that are taste enhancers plus the presentation adds up to the cost from one restaurant to another.

Now if we look into the calculation of the exhibition stand design cost, what do you think makes up the total cost of the exhibition stand design? The raw material, technology, banners and other types of enhancing features all add to the cost of the exhibition stand design. Thereby the stand and the brand of the company that you want to hire together add up to the cost of a professional exhibition stand designer. You will definitely want to check the reputation of the company and the number of years of experience in the company before you plan to hire a professional exhibition stand designer.

We cannot analyze the cost of an exhibition stand builder without considering the parameters that add up to the cost of stand. A lot of other factors are also associated with it. Let us here look at the parameters that are necessary to examine before you hire a stand builder and that will help you analyze the cost associated with it.


The primary factor that will affect the cost to hire a professional exhibition stand designer is the experience an exhibition stand builder has in the exhibition industry. The experience enhances the work quality and brings more design ideas into the work. It is always a wise idea to hire an experienced exhibition stand builder than a novice for a number of reasons.

Though personally, I feel every experienced stand builder was once a first timer and we cannot say that a new stand builder cannot have brilliant ideas to build an outstanding design. But when we talk in general, it is always good to hire an experienced one to ensure that the work we have handled is in good and experienced hands.

Moreover, another factor in choosing an experienced builder is that you can be assured of timely delivery as with experience it becomes easy to understand the exact amount of time that will be needed to complete a project. Hiring an experienced builder can save you from a situation when your exhibition is right at the corner and you are waiting for your exhibition stand to be ready. Timely delivery of the stand is an important factor that is essential for the success of your exhibition and to make your event hassle-free.

With your work in experienced hands, you will have more flexibility with the variety and designs of the stands. A stand design company having designers and architects with an extensive experience in the domain are capable of having some of the brilliant stand design ideas. The work and quality in terms of handling the stand designs meticulously become exceptional with experience and expertise.

Full-service providers:

When we are talking about the exhibition stand design cost, the companies providing us with the full services will have more cost. It involves the full cycle from conceptualization, to designing, building, installation of the stand, dismantling the stand after the trade show is over and storage of the stand. Although it would seem that you can manage the rest of the things by yourself once you get the stand but in reality when you hire a company that offers you full services will cost you lesser than the management of all the tasks handled yourself. Therefore choosing a trade show booth builder that is offering you complete services will make your overall cost of the exhibition stand cycle minimal.

Quality of exhibition stands:

It is important to note that there are a lot of exhibition stand contractors that are offering the modular exhibition stands at reasonable prices but not all of them are providing the best quality stands at a reasonable price. You need to take a deeper look to understand if the quality of material used in building the exhibition stand is of good quality. There are established exhibition stand contractors that have contacts with the suppliers which can provide them raw material and printing etc. services with good quality at reasonable costs. Picking up these contractors can help you in your business as their overall cost of the stand will be reasonable with good quality of work.

Reviews in the market:

The overall cost of hiring a professional exhibition stand designer is comparatively higher when you choose the one with good reviews. Name and fame obviously increase the cost of a brand. You will find that the booth builders whose work is rated well by the reviewers and who have good testimonials from the clients will eventually increase their cost. Therefore it is also a parameter to gauge the cost of hiring a professional exhibition stand designer. 

Alisha Singh

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