How Much Does Stem Cell Cost for Different Types of Therapies?

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With many important benefits of stem cells, they are used for many medical treatments. You may hear about some stem cell therapies which now are popular among professionals and becoming popular for the general population. The benefits of stem cells itself can help to treat some diseases such as diabetes, Lyme disease, brain injury, cardiovascular, and many more.

Moreover, do you wonder how much does stem cell cost? Prices really depend, one place and another may offer a different cost. For those who want to do stem cell therapies, it is a good thing when you know all of the factors that determine the cost of each therapy. It depends on geographic or region, medical providers, medical conditions, and types of therapies.

Stem Cell Cost for Each Type of Therapies

As mentioned before, there are some therapies for using stem cells provided for medical treatment. Each type of therapy will have a certain function and cost. You better know some of the types and costs before deciding to use stem cell therapies. Let’s find out all the types of therapies below.

  • Autologous Stem Cell

Autologous stem cell treatment is derived from self which means that the stem cell uses are from the patient’s body. The source of the cell can vary such as from adipose tissue or bone marrow. The autologous stem cell is divided into several types of treatment depending on the cell used.

Besides being known as an autologous treatment, this stem cell treatment is also called mesenchymal, adult, fat, peripheral blood, or bone marrow stem cell treatment. You may find a different name for this treatment in different places.

Moreover, the injection of stem cell treatment is relatively painless. That is why many people recommend this kind of treatment. With this painless treatment, you will get great benefits for your health.

Wondering how how much does stem cell cost for this type of treatment? The cost itself starts from $5,000 to $10,000 for a single injection. You can check the cost of it before you decide to do the treatment because one place may have a different price for a bundle of treatments.

  • Non-Autologous Stem Cell

Non-autologous stem cell therapy will use donor cells if the DNA does not match with the patients. The cost of this treatment may vary. Also called an allogeneic transplant, this treatment is categorized into three different types such as umbilical, embryonic, and fetal.

The umbilical treatment uses mesenchymal stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood. The function of this treatment is to repair the damaged tissues such as skin, muscle, tendon damage, and also conjunctive tissue problem.

Meanwhile, the embryonic treatment uses inner cell mass. This treatment is also known as the mother of stem cell because many stem cell treatment is developed from this embryonic treatment.

The third one is called fetal treatment which uses aborted fetus cells. Because it is used by aborted fetuses, this treatment is considered unethical. The treatment itself is done for some types of cancer.

  • Stem Cell Therapy for Other Diseases

Stem cell therapy is one of the alternatives for some chronic diseases as well. Some patients can choose this therapy to improve their health condition. Since it relates to some chronic diseases, the cost can be higher. The stem cell treatment protocols are different from the common stem cell therapy.

The mesenchymal stem cell therapy itself has $20,000, up to $100,000 for an entire body treatment. The cost may higher when there is another additional treatment needed during the treatment. Meanwhile, some chronic diseases for which you use this stem cell treatment are dementia, Alzheimer, autoimmune, cancer, cerebral palsy, cardiovascular, heart disease, liver diseases, diabetes, and many more.

  • PRP Therapy

Technically, PRP therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma is not a procedure of stem cell treatment. However, you can get therapy before the main treatment in certain places. PRP therapy itself will use blood extracted from the patients. After the plasma is created, it is injected into the patient. The function of PRP therapy itself is to repair damaged tissues. The cost is about $1,000-$2,500 per knee.

The Bottom Line

With advanced technology, stem cell treatment can be a good alternative to conventional medical treatment. Certain types of this stem cell treatment will even help some chronic diseases. When you plan to do the treatment, you can stop searching in the USA which is overpriced, and check out

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