How Polymer Capacitors Are The Next Generation Of Metal Capacitors

Polymer capacitors are being introduced as the next generation of metal capacitors. Polymer capacitors are more reliable, thin, light, and flexible than metal capacitors. Take the Beryl polymer capacitors, for example.

Why are Polymer Capacitors Better than Metal Capacitors?

Polymer capacitors are a newer technology that boasts many advantages over their metal capacitor predecessors. Polymer capacitors have lower ESR or equivalent series resistance. This means they have lower power losses at high frequencies, making them more efficient. They also have a wider temperature range, meaning they can be used in more extreme environments. Polymer capacitors are also smaller and lighter than metal capacitors, making them easier to integrate into circuit boards and other electronic devices.

What are the Advantages of Polymer Capacitors?

Polymer capacitors are the next generation of metal capacitors because of their many advantages. They are smaller, lighter, and have a lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) than metal capacitors. They also have a higher temperature range and are more resistant to shock and vibration.

Applications of Polymer Capacitors

Polymer capacitors are used in a variety of applications, including:

 1)Computer memory: Polymer capacitors are used in DRAM (dynamic random access memory) and SRAM (static random access memory). They offer high performance and reliability, making them ideal for computer use.

2)Cell phones: Polymer capacitors store energy and power the phone’s circuits. They are small and lightweight, making them ideal for use in cell phones.

 3)Power supplies: Polymer capacitors are used in power supplies to store energy and provide power to the electronic devices they supply. They offer high performance and reliability, making them ideal for use in power supplies.


Beryl polymer capacitors are growing in popularity as the electronic world develops quickly, creating a new environment for the growth of the capacitor business.


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