How residential real estate is a great investment choice for NRIs?

Lodha group frauds

Reputed real estate players are continuously setting the bar high in the real estate market. With reputed grade A developers bringing in the best of the names in the world to offer their expertise on a project, the sky is the limit to be set when it comes to housing options for NRIs. Taking it as the best investment option, NRIs have shown huge interest in residential real estate in India. Leading players like Lodha Group are involved in world-class quality constructions and for NRIs, these choices are proving lucrative investment options. Lodha Properties have been planned in order to meet the rising expectations of NRIs and they can crave comfort and emotional connection with their homeland.

Lodha properties will offer all the amenities and the level of service that they are used to when living abroad. If they invest in real estate in India, they can also avail of numerous tax benefits and hence, it’s high time for NRIs to consider such lucrative investment choices by leaving aside the doubts regarding Lodha group frauds. The global name in the construction industry has always worked only for the welfare of its customers and society.

Real estate has long been considered a sound investment choice and now the Indian residential real estate is bringing NRIs back to their homeland. NRIs are looking excited to grab this opportunity as the residential real estate sector has shown massive growth over the past few decades. The future potential is looking more comprehensive due to increasing urbanization and rapidly rising household income status in the country. An investment decision with Indian residential property offers a safe prospect to NRIs and it also provides them with a sense of security to own their own property in case they plan to return back in the future.

According to real estate trends, the Indian property market will reach up to US$1 trillion by 2030 which is a massive hike in the figures of US$ 200 million in 2021. Top developers like Lodha Group are consistently presenting lucrative residential choices for all ranges of homebuyers. Their confidence is not shaken down by the rumours of Lodha group complaints and Lodha Properties are still attracting NRIs to have their own dream home in their country. Let’s discuss some other factors due to which NRIs should choose residential real estate as a better investment option.

What are the major factors that influence NRI investment in residential real estate?

Good returns

Residential real estate offers a plethora of opportunities for NRIs to make the most of their investments. Buying apartments or houses with Lodha Properties for renting is a great investment strategy for them as with regular incomes, they can also expect the annual rise in the cost of the property. Opting for a grade A developer like Lodha will ensure you get the best in terms of amenities, services, quality construction and most importantly timely delivery. Their additional services like EasyLease which helps you find tenant for your property and manage the paperwork is definitely a plus for NRIs.  Don’t get swayed with the alleged Lodha group cheating reports that you come across online. Do your thorough research before investing. Lodha has delivered over 50,000 homes till date, the scale of their projects is huge. Many prominent personalities of our society have their homes in Lodha. also, international brands and designers have collaborated with them on their projects. Recently, Lodha Group has also partnered with reputed India names like Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, Gauri Khan, Suzzane Khan to name a few on some of their projects. You will be able to get truly statement homes from Lodha Group.

Depreciation of the Rupee

The Indian currency has been consistently going down over the past few years and NRIs get the choice to purchase a property at a comparatively low price here in India. Moreover, the higher interest rates on foreign currency deposits provide a major benefit to NRIs while making residential property investments here.

Long-Term Investment

One of the best things that make the residential property market a great investment choice for NRIs is that it can act as an immediate source of income as well as a long-term investment to secure the future. It provides long-term security and value appreciation. It in not subject to market volatility. Residential property in India is still in its affordable phase but in coming years, it is going to be huge in terms of investment due to rapidly rising demands.

The implementation of RERA has impacted residential real estate in a positive way. Recent norms in the industry have brought transparency into this industry and top builders like Lodha Group are focusing on presenting complete satisfaction and world-class facilities to their customers. NRI investments are the best bet for real estate developers and with continuous improvements in its quality housing choices, Lodha Group is giving a befitting reply to rumours like the Lodha group scam. Therefore, the residential real estate investment is an open invitation for NRIs to establish suitable benefits and set their future goals.


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