How should the factory select Picker Injection Robot

How should the factory select Picker Injection Robot
How should the factory select Picker Injection Robot

In the factory, there is an injection robot that can pick up and put down small parts in a short time. The operation is simple, so it saves labor costs. Therefore, it’s widely used in many industries.

The number of manipulators and the fixed working range

The number of manipulators and the fixed working range are decided according to the work environment. The number of manipulators depends on the work environment, which determines how many products are put in a batch and how high they are placed. Suppose you have many products in high places. It is better to use more manipulators because they will not be able to reach them with one arm. However, this may cause problems such as having multiple components in one place or not being able to access some parts because there may be too many arms moving around simultaneously.

We recommend using multiple arms with different ranges (work areas) to avoid these problems. If your factory has two rows of injection molding machines and each row has six machines/rows, then we recommend using four or five arms per machine so that every part can be injected without any problem.

Application industry

Here are some of the applications that Picker robots can take care of:

-Pick and place with an injection molding machine. The robot picks parts from a bin on one side, positions them, and then puts them into a molding machine on the other side. This type of setup is great for companies that manufacture small batches, as it reduces the need to switch out molds between collections.

-Powder coating. Powder coating protects metal parts and gives them a shiny finish after they’ve been manufactured through machining or casting processes. In this process, the robot is used with the powder spraying machine to evenly apply the powder coating on the surface or inner cavity. Then it is coated with colored pigments, which can adhere well to the heating of an infrared lamp provided by another industrial robot.

-Pick and place with an injection molding machine AND powder coating system. The last option we’ll mention here combines two types of robots into one system: A picker robot picks up objects from bins near its base station. Then those objects get placed onto conveyors. They are transported to the powder coater and coated with several layers around each object. Then move them back so more automated equipment elsewhere on the site can pick them up again.

Operation type

The operation mode of the picker injection robot is the first step to determining its application. There are four primary operations:

-Batch production. This type of production is used to produce products in batches, but finished goods are not stored for long periods. Because there may be a high demand for certain kinds of products in different seasons and years, this method allows manufacturers to adjust their production levels accordingly.

-Continuous production. This method involves continuously producing goods without any set start or end times; however, some companies still have regular shifts and overtime shifts during peak seasons or on special orders that require more workforce than usual. Depending on the company’s needs and goals, they may decide it would be better not to have any scheduled break days at all during these busy times so that they can keep up with customer demand.

-Flexible production means changing things up quickly based on customer demands. Which sometimes means changing your entire workflow overnight for something unexpected!

In general terms, though: single shift refers specifically only referring solely.

Installation and movement environment

Service environment:

The installation environment must be clean, with temperatures between -10 and 45 degrees Celsius. Humidity is less than 85% (relative humidity), and no corrosive gas such as ammonia or chlorine. If you need to install an outdoor machine, choose a place with no wind and water splash. Also, make sure that the ground slope does not exceed 5 degrees.

Movement environment:

The operating range should be within reach of vision and the specified volume range of picking objects. When moving from one work area to another, ensure there is no obstacle in front of it. If you need to move forward for any reason, then first stop at least 20 meters away from the object point so that its camera can see clearly in front of it.

Maintenance facilities

To ensure that the robot is in good working condition, it’s essential for there to be a place where employees can take their machines for routine maintenance. This should be convenient and easy for employees to get to and safe and secure. The maintenance facilities should also be large enough to fit every robot at once. This makes it easier for teams of workers to perform repairs simultaneously, rather than having everyone wait around while one person works on a machine.

A good place for these facilities is near other areas where they’re needed (such as shipping). This makes transporting items between them more manageable. And if multiple robots are being worked on at once, this could mean fewer trips back and forth between those locations!

Consider these factors when choosing what type of facility will work best within your company’s needs (and budget).

Picker Injection Robot

Picker Injection Robot is a specialized robot in the field of injection molding.

It has high precision and speed, which can increase the efficiency of injection molding.


The final choice of the picker injection robot is determined by the performance and quality of the product, production capacity, and ability to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. Injection molding robots are designed for use in various industries and applications. Still, some characteristics must be considered before deciding which type will work best for your company’s needs.

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