How Should You Choose a Right E-Cycle for a Child?

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You must be knowing that these electric bicycles are motor-assisted bikes. These are the ones that offer great help to commuters. E-cycles are a clean yet that of efficient mode of commutation for people of all age groups. No matter a kid, a youngster, a middle-aged fellow or even an elderly; these electric cycles are rewarding in different ways.

While adults are mostly are more responsible when they are riding an electric bike, a little bit of additional care is needed when handling these e-bikes to kids.   So, here the first question that may pops up in mind is  do e-bikes for kids actually exist? The answer is  a loud and clear yes, These bikes exist. While there are not so many devoted models are currently sold, clearly , there are more and more models that are getting designed up particularly for kids. You can check out a huge variety in the realm of kids electric bicycle options.

Does electric bike for kids make sense?

You have all been children some years ago. It is not the time to forget this! So, what are the perks of kids riding an electric  bike? Have a quick walk through a few of them.  

Stay close to  nature

Kids do tend to be and stay quite close to nature. Riding e-bike aid the children to trek as well as play outdoors and get the finest possible natural entertainment. 

Cycling with adults  

Kids will be happy to join their elder siblings or parents on weekends for cycle trekking. They are going to involve themselves in some physical activity and not simply become couch potatoes by just playing computer or video games. Hence, their general health is benefitted and they start to appreciate the charm of mother earth. 

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E-bikes avert the build-up of bad cholesterol in the body. Hence, it is something that makes kids even fitter.

Fighting obesity

Obese kids feel somewhat motivated while using these e-bikes. They can even reap the perks of cycling in a mildly phased manner.

Relieving stress

Ah, riding e-bikes is a wonderful stress buster for kids. They stay happy and elated across the day. If children are happy then parents are also glad!

Formation of independence 

Children turn out to be more independent when they ride e-bikes.

Choosing a right electric bicycle  for your child 

There are different factors that you should have in mind when choosing an electric bicycle for your children. Here is some for you to remember:

The electric cycle size for kids 

The size of an e-bike or electric cycle is one of the most crucial factors. The frame of the e-bike must be somewhat compact and comfortable and to this kids can conveniently reach all parts and areas of their machine, no matter it is pedals, brakes, horn, and the front display panel.

The weight of the e-cycle 

Then The weight of the e-bike should also be optimum. It should neither be extremely light nor too heavy. Too light an e-bike is not going to have a prominent center of gravity. Hence, children can get unbalanced and they can even fall. Moreover, In case an e-bike is extremely heavy, it is going to become challenging for children to cycle it in case of battery failure. Hence , an extremely -heavy e-bike is not really recommended.

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Be careful about Handlebars’ width

Then the handlebar of the electric bike should not be extremely widely placed. Kids may experience difficulty in balancing and manoeuvring such an e-bike.

Kind & power of the motor

When selecting an e-bike for a kid, it must definitely be kept in mind that these are mainly to get used for normal day-to-day type of riding and even that of some leisure weekend rides. Children e-bikes are not really meant for any sort of hardcore racing. So, you never need to forget that thing.

Consequently, a very powerful type of motor is not essential. Putting a very powerful motor to offer a drive to an e-bike has a possible threat to the protection of children. Kids might not get desirous to ride their e-bikes with complete accelerator speed that is, of course, risky for them.

Speed limit of the electric cycle 

This is absolutely important. E-bike’s speed should be somewhat limited to a maxim of twenty km/h. There must be a proper provision for motor decoupling in case the speed limit gets breached. Of course, too much of speed of the electric bike can be dangerous for kids. Understanding that kids are not always too sensible or responsible about their driving, you need to ensure that you do not give much speed in their hands. The point is choosing an electric bike that has a limit to the speed for the kids.

Impressive Battery backup

Then E-bikes for kids should definitely have better battery backup, mainly for heavier e-bikes. E-bike is quite more heft and in case the battery swiftly discharges, then kids shall have to toil much harder to cycle back to their beloved homes. So, be thoughtful about this aspect too.

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Dedicated cycling tracks

Now, these dedicated cycling tracks mean less type of risk for children. It is because kids will be cordoned off from high-speed type of major traffic. Of course, if you can get such a track nearby, nothing like that. 

Proper Knowledge of traffic rules

Knowledge of traffic rules is the biggest possible precaution for children. They must definitely respect zebra crossing. It would be a good game to reward children with the finest possible knowledge of traffic rules as well as safety measures.

A GPS system along with first aid kit

E-bike in case fitted with a GPS tracking system ensures additional security to children. Of course being parents, you can access their location at any time. Proper provision for an emergency button must be there on the front display panel. Similarly, the first aid kit comes quite handy in the instances of small cuts, wounds, or even that of sprains.


To sum up, you can buy electric bicycle online and ensure that you get the perfect one for your children. Keeping on these discussed points in mind would be wise.


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