How telemedicine helped me during my pregnancy?

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I want to share with you how telemedicine helped me through my pregnancy, and how it was the best solution for my case. When I knew I was pregnant, I was very excited, I thought it will be a very easy period, and things will be okay. The first months were easy, only vomiting from time to time, with a mild headache.

But the second semester of my pregnancy was very hard, on my last check-up with the gynecologist in Dubai Novomed, she told me that I need to stay at home and avoid any effort or activity that might harm my baby. I didn’t understand what was going on, the gynecologist explained to me that I am at risk of miscarriage if I do any effort, and I need to relax so everything will be fine.

I agreed immediately because I don’t want to lose my child. So I went home, quit my job, and decided to rest as much as possible. During this period, I wanted to contact my gynecologist to ask her about instructions, medication, or pain. So I couldn’t go to her visit except when I needed to do an ultrasound for my baby.

I wanted to find another way to consult her while staying at home and reduce my clinic visit as much as possible. I heard previously about the telemedicine that went viral during the COVID pandemic, so I went to the Novomed website and checked if telemedicine is applicable on their website. And yeh! Here it is! I can book an online doctor consultation easily, from any place I want and at any time!

I was happy to see this option, so I booked an online consultation with my gynecologist the next day, and I got the confirmation immediately. During our online consultation, the gynecologist told me that telemedicine made it easy for the doctor and patient to keep in touch through any circumstances. And then she asked me about my pregnancy and if I am experiencing any symptoms, I told her all is good, but sometimes I feel tired and had pain in my legs. She told me that it was normal, prescribed me some simple exercises for my legs, and advised me to follow a healthy diet to make sure I am having all the needed vitamins for me and the baby.

Telemedicine is really great, it helped me a lot during my pregnancy!

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