How to Apply for a Student Visa to Study MBBS in China?

Study MBBS in China
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There are three important advantages of studying MBBS in China: a recognized medical qualification of quality medical education and access to technology-based medical facilities. After receiving the original acceptance letter and JW202/JW201 from a Chinese university, you should apply for a Chinese student visa. This raises a question in your mind. At Web Advisors, we’ve simplified the process for you, here’s a step-by-step breakdown.

Why Choose MBBS in China?

China is the world leader in modern medicine. Numerous of its medical schools are ranked in the top 500 in the globe. Study MBBS in China are designed according to international standards and are at par with Western MBBS programs. The fact that tuition is so reasonably priced is the nicest thing about medical school in China. 70% less than western countries. Scholarships and bursaries are also available.

How to Apply for MBBS in China?

After completing high school (F.Sc/Intermediate/A-Level), students want to join a recognized medical university in their country or abroad to achieve their future goals of becoming a doctor. If they want to get an MBBS degree from China, they should know the application process and documents for MBBS in China.

  • The process of applying to study MBBS in China through web consultants can be broken down into the following simple steps:
  • First, you have to choose the university where you want to study MBBS. A web consultant will help you choose a university that suits your needs and profile.
  • After selecting the university, you need to send the document scan to the web consultant to apply for MBBS studies in China. Please ensure that documents are scanned and not mobile phone images. Please do not use the camera. Any incomplete documents or incomplete documents will lead to automatic disqualification of the application.
  • After paying all the scans and application fees (refundable only in case of unsuccessful admission), you should now sit back, relax and let the web consultant help you apply for MBBS in China at the university of your choice. is.
  • Your acceptance letter will be issued in a few days, then you will apply for JW202 MOE China (but due to the current global covid-19 situation, students are not allowed to go to China, so students will go until covid-19. Situation improvement Happening “Li JW202 will be issued and most students in China can apply for the visa at the nearest embassy or consulate”.
  • By getting JW202 and obtaining a visa from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, you will be ready to travel to China (not during covid-19) and complete your first adventure in getting admission for MBBS studies in China with the help of web mentors.
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Masters and Ph.D.

  • The commission you earn at the Master’s and Ph.D. levels. This usually takes 4-5 hours, but it’s recommended to go early to get the job done quickly.
  • upon checking The board will be placed in a sealed envelope and given to you to take to the COPB later. IBCC certification usually takes 4-5 hours, however, it is recommended to go to the IBCC early in the morning to allow quick approval processing.
  • After being certified by the Board and IBCC, you now have to move on to the next step which is Pakistan MA and FSC (MOFA) Transcripts.

For Students who have Completed O/A level

  • Once certified, you must go to the IBCC to obtain the equivalent certification.
  • After receiving the Equality Certificate You need to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan (MOFA) and obtain a police parity certificate.

Apply for an X1 visa with Gerry Visa

  • After completing the paperwork, the next step is to meet at the Gary Visa Center. You must request access to their site. When the appointment letter is completed, now you have to wait for the appointment date.
  • Documents Required to Study for MBBS Visa in China
  • Now that you have an appointment at the Gary Visa Center, you need to prepare your visa application. Below is the list of documents required for the MBBS visa in China. You should prepare two copies: the original and a photocopy.

List of Original Documents

  • getting a visa
  • passport
  • Masters and Ph.D. Transcripts and Certificates
  • physical examination form (Only hospitals designated by the embassy)
  • police clearance (not a criminal)
  • Bank account (approximately 1 million PKR)
  • 2 photos with white background
  • Garry Visa Center Appointment Letter

List of Documents Transferred

  • Passport cover and signature
  • Master and Ph.D. Transcripts and Certificates

You must arrive at the Gary Visa Center with all required documents by the due date. If you miss an appointment You must reapply for this position. Make sure you arrive early to avoid the hassle. Another thing to note is that when you go to the Gary Visa Application Center to apply for the MBBS Study Visa in China, you must wear a mask or you will not be allowed into the country. After applying, you need to wait for your passport to be stamped with a Chinese student visa. Web Consultants wishes you success in your Chinese student visa application. We at Web Consultants will be happy to guide and assist you in your Chinese student visa application.


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