How to apply for an US Passport Renewal?

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Traveling internationally or for reasons of identification for identification purposes, an U.S. passport is a extremely important piece of ID. If one does not have a passport you could not travel to any country in the globe. When applying for the first time, U.S. passports can be extremely difficult for those who are new or travelers who have done the process once and may encounter issues due to changes in the procedure. With 24 hour passport and visas we guide you through a step-by- procedure to get through this challenge. Our ability to process the first passport application in just 24 hours could make the difference when your situation does not exactly match what you had hoped for.

Who is eligible to apply for an extension of New U.S. Passport?

The rules and regulations are different based on your qualifications. The following rules must be followed by you to be considered a first time or a new passport applicant:

It’s your initial U.S. passport* Your previous U.S. passport was issued at a young age, i.e.

* Your prior U.S. passport was issued at least 15 years ago.

* Your prior U.S. passport was stolen or lost, or damaged

There has been changes in your name following the date of issue of the U.S. passport for which you cannot legally document the name change.

If you received the passport of a child at the age of 16 the passport will cease to be valid, no matter the time since the time it was issued. If you’ve reached the age of 16 since you have traveled, you’ll have to apply for an entirely fresh U.S. passport, as although you’ve never issued a passport valid before.

If you’re planning on renewing your passport for your travels, be sure to make sure you check your expiration dates. It’s not difficult to let time pass without anyone realizing how long it’s been. When your passport is issued over 15 years ago you’ll need to apply for a fresh U. S. passport instead of renewing it. If you’ve waited the day before your travel date to apply, we might be able speed up the process of the initial US passport application process so that it can be waiting for you in only a few hours.

Step 1: Fill out the an application for DS-11

To apply for this passport you’ll need to fill out an Form DS-11 for applying to a passport. The form has to be completed online and printed. When filling in the information, ensure that you fill in complete information and don’t commit any mistakes. Be sure to NOT sign your form. The form can be signed if requested by an acceptance agent.

Fill Up DS 11 Form Online

Form DS 11 Guide

Step 2: Collect all necessary documents

It’s always good to prep all the ingredients before beginning to cook your meal, and similarly, preparing the necessary documents to apply for a job will aid in making the process quicker and more accurate. Making the wrong choices with your documents can lead to an additional delays in the process of applying and this can help you avoid delays of any kind. Here is a list of documents you should be prepared prior to beginning the application process:

* Two passport photographs (2 2′ 2) x 2” with white backgrounds). The photo service is available in our office.

* Original or certified U.S. birth certificate. Note: A certified birth certificate includes the registrar’s raised, embossed or impressed seal, signature of the registrar, and the date that the certificate was registered with the registrar’s offices (which should be in the last one year of the date you were born) as well as an expiring US passport or original naturalization certificate.

* Identification proof (a valid driver’s license or a government-issued photo I.D).

* Please contact us to request an Authorization Letter.

* Travel itinerary.

A certified check or money order made payable in the name of the “US Department of State” for $170.00 (for adults) or $140.00 (for minors under 16).

* 24 Hour Passport & Visas: Online Order.

Step 3: Obtain the new U.S. Passport requirement documents approved.

The next step of this process is to go to an acceptance center for applications. After you have completed the Form DS-11 and assembling all the necessary documents, you will need to go to an acceptance agent to review the documents. The agent will then serve as witness when you complete the application form that was not signed in step 1. A fee of $35.00 will be owed at the time of acceptance to an agent that is helping you. The Agent must be informed that you’re using an agency for passports to speed up the process and also that the seals will be handed over directly to Department of State. Department of State. It is a Department of State policy is known as “Hand Carrying of Executed Applications.” This policy is explained at pages 41 and 43 in the Acceptance Agent Manual. An Acceptance Agent must deliver the sealed envelope back to the applicant. Don’t take the envelope out. FedEx or deliver the sealed envelope along with the other quick documentation for passports to us to be processed. After that, you’ll have to make the payment for the passport renewal cost. Before sending us your passport application along with the sealed envelope via FedEx UPS/DHL, FedEx, or any other postal service provider, it is necessary to call 24 Hour Visas and Passports for confirmation of the rush or urgent passport slot. Our services are guaranteed.

Expedited V.S Routine Passport?

If you have the time and can prepare for the future and don’t need to get your passport on the spot then go to the post office in person and it can take anywhere from twelve to sixteen weeks for you to obtain your passport.

If you require to get your passport sooner than that you can speed up the process of getting your passport by utilizing the 24 Hour Passport or Visas for three months or under. There is the possibility of getting your passport expedited within 24 hours. There are charges for expediting your passport, in addition to the fees charged by the government. The expedited passport service that is available 24 hours a day for less than two weeks can only be obtained through Licenced PassportExpediters located in the USA. For more details, visit our regional offices, or request the expedited passport service on our website.

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