How to Attract and Recruit Diverse Candidates

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Being the CEO of multiple small companies has meant that I have been, and still am, responsible for recruitment within multiple organisations. I have found that it is very important to recruit candidates from diverse backgrounds as the different perspectives this brings to an organisation allow them to develop complex strategies and to be able to connect with a wide range of clients. We promote diversity in our recruitment process by implementing a stringent equality and diversity policy, having multiple avenues for recruitment, and publicising our inclusivity. I frequently lead analysis projects reviewing the makeup and performance of my workforce, as I believe talent to be the biggest factor in a business’s success.

Equality and Diversity Policies

Equality and diversity are generally an important factor in running a successful business; legally, morally, and performance-wise. Thus, I ensure that an effective equality and diversity is in place within all organisations under my management. The main challenge regarding this is ensuring that employees follow the policy. Therefore, the policy must be logical, easy to understand, and reinforced with specified consequences for failure to meet the policy. I recommend consulting with your workforce when implementing policies such as this, and taking on board their ideas, so that they can feel involved in the process. This encourages them to follow the policy as they feel like they have ownership over it. Moreover, gathering ideas and encouraging productive discourse will usually result in a policy that is fit for purpose since holes in logic, or omissions, will be identified and altered accordingly. Your equality and diversity policy will inform your recruitment practices, ensuring this process is not discriminatory, and that it gives prospective workers from different backgrounds equality of opportunity.

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Recruitment Methods

A key aspect in recruiting a diverse workforce is to have a diverse range of recruitment avenues. The avenues you use will inform the candidates you attract, and thus, the candidates you recruit. You can work with community groups, undertake internship schemes, run graduate recruitment campaigns, and work with specialist recruitment companies to ensure you have a skilled and diverse work force. I personally use all these methods so that I can access the best and most diversified talent available. Your methodologies from this point, in selecting candidates, interviewing candidates, and onboarding them, will be informed by your equality and diversity policy. Your processes in relation to this must be stringent, monitored, and well-informed. Collection of management information is key and will allow analysis to be undertaken after the fact, so that you can constantly improve your process. Management information being collected should include the roles being offered, and the backgrounds, recruitment avenue, and resulting retention rate of your candidates.

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Publicising Your Inclusivity

Publicising your inclusive practice is sometimes misconstrued as virtue signalling, but it serves a much deeper purpose. A benefit of this will of course be that your organisations public image will be improved. Being known as an ethical company is increasingly important, as consumers have got better access to information via the internet and have become more morally conscious. However, the main purpose of publicising the fact that you promote diversity, both within your recruitment process and organisation in general, is that you will show candidates from minority groups that it is a good idea for them to apply to work with yourself. You will not discriminate against them, will enforce their rights, and will appreciate them as valued members of your organisation. You can publicise this through recruitment materials (such as pamphlets), through media outlets, and in more generalised advertisements. Overall, this will be a key driver (if done properly) in attracting a diverse range of applicants for your roles.

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