How to Avoid Getting Your Car Towed in Melbourne

Melbourne has some of the strictest towing laws in all of Australia, so if you’re planning on moving there or just visiting, it’s important to know exactly what you can and can’t do with your vehicle to avoid getting towed by the city authorities. Even though some of these rules may seem logical, many people fail to obey them and end up paying expensive fines as a result. To help ensure that you don’t get towed, we’ve come up with this guide that covers everything from the time limit your car can stay parked on the street to parking ticket cancellation procedures.

Do not park illegally

Car towing Melbourne is actually what the locals call those tow trucks that are going around, patrolling the streets and trapping innocent people like you. These guys will tow your car away and charge an outrageous fee for it – as a matter of fact, some can even bill as high as $120. So do not park illegally, otherwise they’ll come and take your car too. Luckily there are a few precautions you can take so that the tow truck doesn’t spot you: make sure your car isn’t at an angle, drive with your lights on at night, and make sure all four of your tires are fully inflated. If you think someone might want to go around spying for cars about to be towed, why not tape their photo or license plate number up above the windshield?

Find parking close to your destination

In the city of Melbourne, Australia, parking is a very high cost and major nuisance. Many vehicles are towed from on-street and off-street car parks due to the various rates for different types of vehicles, available spaces for different periods of time, meters that expire or not functioning and other unforeseen circumstances. There are many ways you can avoid getting your car towed in melbourne. First, do your research ahead of time. Car tow awareness provides all current car park rates at individual car parks across the city so there is no guess work involved and also breaks down which spaces are best suited for when you need to park.

Park in well-lit areas

Car towing Melbourne on this is the leading car transport company in the Greater Melbourne area. If you have a problem with your car, be sure that you don’t park it where it is likely to be towed, as some places are more prone than others. It’s best to park in well-lit areas and avoid lots that are closed at night. If you’re going to be away from your car for an extended period of time, it’s best not to leave anything valuable inside your vehicle. This includes: food, drinks, spare change or any other valuables that may tempt a thief looking for an easy target!

Never leave valuables inside your car

If you are planning on going somewhere and know that your car is safe, never leave valuables inside your car. Leaving them unattended for any amount of time puts the car at risk of being towed or broken into by thieves. If you do not have someone with you who can watch over the car while it is parked, then the best thing to do is leave it at home or park it in a public garage instead. It’s an inconvenience, but a necessary one if you want your vehicle left unmolested.

Use a hidden parking spot

So, you’ve parked your car on the side of the road. You made sure there was plenty of space for another car and that you left enough room for cars to pass. If a parking inspector does stop by and your car is illegal, what will happen? Well, this is when it pays to have a note like this written on a piece of paper, placed somewhere visible inside your car window: I am not parked illegally.

Put a note on your windscreen

It is illegal to park on a footpath, unless you are loading or unloading goods. You must not park on a footpath where there are yellow lines either side of thekerb, even if they’re broken. If you cannot find a parking bay near your destination, look for a sign that says ‘No Stopping’. Parking at these places is only allowed for dropping off or picking up passengers. To avoid paying expensive car tow fees, be sure not to double park and always obey any ‘No Parking’ signs.


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