How to Build a Successful Domain Name Business: The Story of DNS Dot Com

He his company ComWired by acquiring the premium domain name DNS dot com, which was a key factor in their success. His company was later acquired by (the world’s second largest provider of SSL security certificates) in late 2010, and today he serves as director of DNS dot com services.

Why should businesses invest in domain names?

There are many reasons why people or companies invest in company name to domain api . By themselves, domains can be stores of wealth, recurring revenue producers, or sources of qualified lead generation. One of the main reasons businesses invest in domain names is the branding that domains provide.

About three and a half years ago, my business partners and I decided to get into the premium, managed DNS hosting business. We started developing the software and technology to run the system, negotiated deals to acquire servers in various locations, and came up with a brand and name for the company. Being a startup, we didn’t have much money for a premium domain, so we used an existing domain: ComWired dot com.

ComWired was a fictitious name, so we knew we needed to do a lot of branding around that domain to make people associate ComWired with our industry, the premium dns industry. This was not unexpected and we knew that a lot of marketing had to be put into action.

When I went on a conference call or called someone on the phone,

 I would identify myself as “” The other side always asks, “What is ComWired?”

It’s always been like this. People would always ask what “ComWired” was and I would always explain. Since the name ComWired doesn’t really mean anything, it’s understandable. But over time, my team and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be more effective if we had a name that was instantly recognizable from the moment people saw it or heard it?” we continued the idea.

Visit After about a year in the DNS business,

 we decided to change things up and look for the “right” domain. We found and rebranded Overnight, we went from a normal, relatively unknown DNS company to one of the leading companies in the DNS world thanks to the purchase and rebranding of the domain name.

Now when people ask who I work for, I tell them If they have any knowledge of the world of DNS or what DNS is, they will immediately know that they are working with a reputable company and market leader.

Apart from the well-known branding factor,

 The number of customers on the domain helped to increase our sales. It makes sense! When someone searches for a DNS provider, one of the first websites they’re likely to type in is naturally “DNS dot com.”

What type of domain names should a company look for?\

The unique goals a company is trying to achieve with its domain investment will determine which domain(s) the company will need. In the previous example, I explained to my team that we wanted to rebrand with a new name that would give us more marketability and brand agility. However, there are often cases where a company has an established brand and they want to invest in domain names to further strengthen their existing brand or increase their customer base.

Many times a company can choose domain names with existing traffic and send those domain names directly to their website and get sales from additional visitors. For this to be justified, the traffic coming to the domain must be looking for the same or nearly the same product or service that the web visitor was originally looking for when they visited the redirected domain.

Many companies have done this with great success in attracting new customers.

 The best part about getting domains and submitting them to your website is that it doesn’t take much effort and can be a treasure trove of leads/sales.

Other reasons companies look for domains are to protect their existing brand (.net/.org and singular/plural versions of their brand names), to reserve potential future product names, and to obtain generic domains that may give preference to any others. Companies in the same product/service space. Infringement is the best defense, and if you can register domain names that give your organization market dominance as a defense, you should. The low cost of domain registration and the huge benefits of owning domains in your specific industry or niche make it a very smart investment.How to know if a domain name is valuable?


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