How to choose the right seo agency? Complete guide & pitfalls to avoid

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As founder of the SEO agency Twain, I propose to give you my point of view on these questions, in the most sincere and transparent way possible.

Answers without “fuss” or “blabla” that will allow you to choose a good SEO agency with full knowledge of the facts.

What is an SEO agency and what are its benefits?

This first chapter will allow me to explain to you what is meant by an SEO agency and to present to you the reasons which justify its importance.


For a good understanding of the elements we are going to discuss, it seems relevant that we all agree on what we mean by SEO agency. But first, let’s revisit the concept of SEO.

SEO on page Off Page

SEO refers to all the methods and strategies used in order to properly reference a website on the result pages (SERP) of search engines. 

The SEO agency or natural referencing agency is therefore a structure specialized in Seo Services in Islamabad.

To be honest, it is an organization made up of professionals whose task is to optimize a website for search engines.

They bring results in terms of popularity and conversion and increase the visibility of the sites on which they work at the level of search engines such as: Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Search Engine SEO Agency

In view of all this, it is clear that the SEO experts of a natural referencing agency are the best qualified people to support you in the process of developing your site on the Internet.

To achieve this, they must master different SEO methods and techniques:
  • Internal and external networking;
  • How the WordPress integration works;
  • Writing SEO optimized articles;
  • The creation of quality content;
  • The operation of backlinks and netlinking;
  • Redesigning or reassigning the content of your site;
  • Benchmarking and finding partners;
  • Indexing your website on search engine SERPs;
  • The information architecture of your site;
  • Optimizing your site’s images on Google Images.

SEO agency advantage

With all these skills he develops, the SEO expert can choose to teach rather than practice SEO. In this logic, you can distinguish three types of SEO agencies:

The first is limited to giving advice and training to enable customers to improve their own SEO;

The second is limited to SEO services;


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