How to Choose the Right UI/UX Company for Your Project

We have extensively been searching for a UI/UX company in Dubai to design and build a prototype for our handmade accessories shop. A lot of companies have pitch for this project, but from many companies, we have decided to start our journey with Code Guru, and they never failed us! We are so happy that we have collaborated with them. Code Guru UI/UX designers have spent a lot of time with our team to learn about our business, our requirements, and our customers to ensure that the final design will meet our expectations. Trust us… it exceeded our expectations! Code Guru Team pay attention to the smallest details and have a critical eye towards UI/UX, and what is even better? They have submitted a 15 page prototype within 72 hours.  

Everyone in the company have preached the design and the precision of work. The website design is very original and at the same time extremely functional, after all, that’s what UI/UX means!

It is very easy to work with Code Guru Team, they always take their time to analyze the user behavior and the company’s objectives. They understood my small budget and implemented the best strategy according to my highest priorities. They brought value to our physical and online store. The smooth navigation, UI/UX design, fresh look, and the way they listed our handmade products with the full details and prices have helped us a lot. Our profit has increased big time. Our journey with Code Guru will not end, we will start working with them on marketing our website to bring in more and more traffic and to benefit from Google ads, because we are hearing very good feedback on their digital skills too on social media platforms. 

Thank you for the great work and we highly recommend Code Guru to any company that wants to stand out.

chole bar

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