How to Connect HP Printer With Wi-Fi using WPS?

HP Printer With Wi-Fi using WPS
HP Printer With Wi-Fi using WPS

Last updated on March 12th, 2022 at 08:04 pm

HP is a famous hardware manufacturing industry and is well known for PC and printers. The HP devices are robust and budget-friendly. You can configure your HP printer to various devices and take the printouts. You can also share these printers on the network and access them with multiple systems. These printers offer both wired and wireless connections. For a wireless connection, you can use a WPS pin or standard method.

Connecting HP printer using the WPS

You can connect the HP printer using WPS and share the device easily. For the connection, check your router device. You have to check the WPS pin for HP printer connection. Also, check the HP printer for wireless connection. Set the printer to wireless connectivity and search the network. 

  1. Go to HP printer and check the touchscreen
  2. Click on Setup and choose Network setup
  3. Select wireless connection and the Wi-Fi lamp will start flashing
  4. Go to the router and enable the WPS pin immediately

The touchscreen of your printer will show the available networks. Choose the SSID and your HP printer will get connected to the WPS. 

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Install the printer driver on the system

You can connect the printer to Wifi easily but you need a driver for accessing it. This HP printer software is like a communication channel. For connecting the PC or phone to the printer; you need this driver. You will get this software on a CD with a printer or download it from the web. Always check the HP model name before downloading the setup. Once you install the driver; connect the device to the same network. Now go to Add Printer and check for an available printer list. You will see your HP printer name. Click on the printer name and now you can take your printouts wirelessly.

HP printer wireless setup using Wi-Fi Direct method

When the local network is not available then you can use the Wi-Fi direct method for connection. With this method, you can connect the printer to the PC wirelessly without the router. Before the connection, ensure that printer is ready. The printer and PC must support wireless connectivity.

  1. Open the Windows device and go to the Printers and Scanners page
  2. Tap on Add a printer option
  3. Select Show Wi-Fi Direct printers option
  4. Choose the Direct option and hit on Add Device

The WPS pin wizard will appear, search it on printer control, and type the pin. Choose the Next button and now your printer is connected to the computer. If you see Driver is an unavailable error then install the related HP printer software on the computer. 

Connecting HP printer to Android

The user can access the HP printer with his phone directly. With the wireless connection, printing with phone devices becomes easy. You have to install HP software on the phone and then connect the printer.

  1. Open the phone device and go to Google Store
  2. Search HP Printer Service Plugin
  3. Install the setup on your phone
  4. Check the printer and load the pages on the tray
  5. On phone, open the image or file to the printer
  6. Choose Print option
  7. Select Direct HP printer option
  8. Provide the Wi-Fi direct password

Select OK to confirm the connection and the Wi-Fi button will start blinking. After creating the connection, hit the Print button and your HP printer will start printing the documents.

Connecting HP printer (without touchscreen) using Wi-Fi protected setup

Old HP printer devices don’t have touch screen functionality but you can connect the printer devices to Wifi easily. You can use the WPS button and connect the HP reliably. 

  1. Place the HP printer near your router
  2. Set the printer to WPS connection mode
  3. Press the Wireless Button on the printer for five seconds
  4. The lamp will start blinking
  5. Hit the WPS button on your router 

The Wi-Fi lamp on the printer will stop flashing once it finds the connection. Now the printer is connected to your network and you can take the printouts. If the printer is working slowly then place it near the router for better connection. When your HP printer shows any error while printing; check the PC for its driver. Update the HP printer software and then you can take the printouts reliably. 


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