How to Create Branded Content for Your eCommerce Store

Branded Content
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Creating content for your eCommerce store requires compelling strategy and research to get ahead of the competition. Whether you have just started your eCommerce business or you are running your store for years, branded content also helps you stand you apart from others. and you can get it under every SEO packages.

With branded content, you can build online authority among the competition and drive more sales. If you are new to creating and strategizing branded content, we have you covered. In this article, we will have a look at the best ways to create branded content for your eCommerce store and get ahead of the curve.

Why create branded content?

Branded content is the easiest and an affordable way to promote your brand and gain more traction from the targeted audience in a short period. Compelling branded content that promotes your brand helps you take an edge over other competitors and thrive online.

Compared to generic or niche-specific content, branded content is also comparatively easier and you can use long-tail keywords to rank faster. Even if you are new to the eCommerce game and want to stand apart in the competition, branded content will help you move ahead.

1. Define your USP

The first step towards creating branded content is to define your unique selling point that will set you apart from the rest. When you define your USP, it becomes easier to create content for your brand as you get a common theme. The main motive of defining USP is to start gathering the attention of a targeted audience that is interested in what you are selling.

Your USP could be competitive pricing, better service, high-quality product, or providing additional support after the warranty period is ended  — focus on that and start preparing content around it. The biggest advantage is that when you create content around your strength, you never run out of ideas. Another concept here you need to understand is UBP or unique bragworthy proposition that defines customers and gets something new from you that competitors don’t have.

2. Identify popular trends

The second most effective way to create branded content for your eCommerce store is to cover all the relevant trends happening around your industry. It could be a new regulation, trade trends, technology updates, or more — start building informative and value-driven content that can deliver more knowledge.

The benefit of covering trending topics is that it becomes easier for business owners to rank their branded content as the majority of people are searching about that trend. There are high chances that your content will rank in good positions organically and drive more traffic to your website. However, you need to understand that carefully picking up the trends is an important aspect to maintain the relevancy of your branded content.

You can perform a competitive analysis to check what kind of branded content they are publishing and how the audience is reacting to them. Once you have done your research, then you can create much better content than them by including what they’ve missed.

3. Keep experimenting

You never know what kind of content format can bring the maximum benefits to your business. To know this, you need to keep experimenting with a variety of content formats and then observe the response. For example, if you notice that your branded content in the form of Q&A is working well on Quora, then you can start focusing more on that kind of content.

If you are just starting out, you should keep experimenting with the different content formats on different platforms. Once you find the right content distribution channel, then it becomes much easier for you to generate more such content and drive results for your brand. Along with publishing text-based content, also focus on creating video-based content and audio-based content to test the traction from the audience.

You can also A/B test your content to check what kind of content or format gets the maximum traction from the audience.

4. Include SEO in content

While creating branded content for your eCommerce store, you should focus more on optimizing the content by performing all on-page SEO tactics. When you optimize product pages, landing page content, or some other content, ensure you maintain a good balance of short-tail and long-tail keywords.

When you create content that is easy to read for both humans and search engines, dominating the content becomes easier and faster for you. You find many basic on-page checklists that you can follow to create compelling and SEO-friendly content.

Some of the basic SEO practices are to have meta tags, format the content with appropriate heading tags, optimize the content relevant Alt tags, and do internal linking among pages.

5. Include UGC into your branded content

The best way to connect with the audience using branded content is to include user-generated content and make the overall content more genuine and relatable. As the majority of potential customers prefer to read online reviews and ratings before buying any content. While creating branded content, you can add a few good testimonials to establish trust among the readers and sell better.

Always encourage your customer to drop testimonials and reviews for your company so that you can repurpose it and create branded content out of it. You can also ask the existing customers to share that content on their social media platform and you can offer them a little incentive.

These were the most powerful tips that you can use to create powerful branded content for your eCommerce store. Keep posting informative branded content and drive organic traction to your brand and thrive online. Strategic planning is very important when it comes to creating branded content as it should promote your brand and add more value at the same time.

If you don’t have professional in-house copywriters, then you can also outsource the content creation work and get compelling content for your brand. Once you start pushing branded content on different channels, the brand authority and positioning will improve significantly. Get started with eCommerce SEO Company for creating branded content now these tips.

Mansi Rana

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