How to Create Online Game Using Construct 2?

How to Create Online Game Using Construct 2?

How to Create Online Game Using Construct 2? – With the help of this application, you may make HTML5 games with hardly any code. You will need to assign certain variables, but you can accomplish this all using menus without writing any code.

Although Construct 2 is completely free, some functions are restricted unless you upgrade. The free version only allows publishing to HTML5-based platforms.

. Create a new Project

A Welcome menu will appear when Construct 2 launches for the first time. To start a new game, click the “New Project” option. Additionally, a few examples are provided so you may understand how simple it is to create game online.

. Adjust your project settings

You may view a number of items in the Properties frame, which is located in the left frame of the project window. This lets you enter game and business information as well as your screen size.

. Insert a Background

Click the layout twice. Choosing “Tiled background” under General. To place the background, click the layout. With this, the backdrop editor will launch. It will be necessary for you to either develop your own utilizing picture editing software or get textures from various online sources.

. Create a new layer

To add a new layer, click the “+” button on the Layers tab. Give it the name “Main.” The majority of your game’s items will reside on this layer. Before moving on, make sure the Main layer is selected.

. Add inputs for your game

Your inputs must be added to your game in Construct 2 as objects. They are undetectable and will make it possible to use the keyboard and mouse throughout the project.

Double-click your layout, then choose “Mouse” under Input. Insert the “Keyboard” object using the same procedure.

. Add objects

It’s time to begin including some game elements in your design. Double-click the layout, then choose “Sprite” under General. Select the location for the sprite using the crosshairs. An existing sprite can be loaded or you can make a new one when the image editor opens.

. Add behaviors to your objects

Click the object you wish to add a behavior to fully select it before adding the behavior. In the Properties frame’s Behaviors section, click the “Add/edit” option. There will be a list of available behavior to create game online.

The pre-configured logic blocks known as behaviors let you easily give your objects new capabilities. There are many readymade behaviors available that can accomplish a wide range of tasks. Give the floor, for instance, the “Solid” behavior to make it solid. Give the player-character the “8 direction movement” behavior to make it move in eight directions.

. Change behavior properties

To alter how your objects behave, you can update their current behaviors. To alter the speed, direction, and other properties, you can change the values.

. Understand how events work

Events are a set of circumstances that control the game. Events occur if requirements are satisfied. The event does not happen if the conditions are not met. Usually, the event sheet is executed 60 times per second. A “tick” is what it runs at each interval.

. Create an event

Double-click on the Event sheet’s empty space. The objects that are accessible will be listed. You can create a System event or choose the object for which you wish to generate the event.

. Add more events and behavior

These form the basis of your strategy. Making a distinctive and entertaining game that players will be yearning to play requires adding and modifying behaviors and events. Try out various events to see which one gives you the game you want.

. Add some variables

In Construct 2, there are two different kinds of variables: instance variables and global variables. You can use them to create unique values for your game’s objects, including health, time restrictions, scoring, and more.

. Create an interface

It’s typically ideal to create an interface on a new layer to create game online. This is due to how little the interface moves and how advantageous it is to have it on a locked layer. Set “Parallax” to 0 in the new layer’s Properties frame. By doing this, the layer will not scroll along with the screen.

. Test and revise your game

You can start testing and putting content on the page now that you have some objects on it with events and behaviors. To create and playtest the game, click the “Play” button at the top of the screen. Anything that didn’t work should be noted and fixed to make your game more enjoyable to play.

. Export the game

If you’re happy with your game, you can export it so that anybody can play it by uploading it to a website. Select Export from the File menu by clicking the file icon. The project should be saved in an accessible location.

. Publish the game

You can upload HTML5 games to many websites for other people to play. The game can also be added to your personal website. For information on how to post the game to your personal website, see this guide.

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