How To Decorate Home With Wallpaper Canada

How To Decorate Home With Wallpaper Canada
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Long considered a luxurious addition to the home, wallpaper canada began to fall out of favor in recent decades. But today, this versatile wall covering has made a big comeback. If you’ve been considering decorating with wallpaper in your home, there are plenty of creative ways you can add it to any room!

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Whether you cover the entire walls with wallpaper or use it to create a visually appealing feature wall, this versatile material can bring bold drama and texture to the home. Use it to craft incredible visual impact in various places throughout your space, and you can even mix and match styles for a truly personalized look.


How to Decorate with Wallpaper

When it comes to colors, patterns, and designs, the sky is the limit in the wallpaper world. Patterned motifs are still commonly used, and you can integrate anything from fanciful florals to a classic pastoral scene of a French countryside.

Today’s modern designs boast fun patterns in an array of geometric motifs, and many integrate additional details like shimmering metallics for a fresh, updated look.

Scared of commitment? First, find out if your wallpaper manufacturer offers samples (most do!). Just like a paint color sample, you can use these swatches to compare how it will look in each room.

Remember that you don’t have to just use wallpaper to add color or a pattern to a space. There are plenty of textured wallpapers like grasscloth and raised styles available in solid colors that will give your walls a subtle touch of texture without a wild design.


decorating with wallpaper in the master bedroom

Your bedroom is a tranquil oasis, so you’ll want to choose a wallpaper that’s subtle and soothing. Look for patterns in romantic floral designs or something with a very simple pattern that has just a hint of color. Select a palette that will create a soothing effect like pastels or lighter shades of blue and green. Anything overbearing and dark will make the bedroom appear smaller, and you may tire of it sooner.

If you’re not sure how to decorate with wallpaper, consider covering just one wall to start. I recommend starting with the wall behind your headboard. This feature wall will add impact and allow you to decide if the style you’ve chosen will work for the whole room.

As for the paint, you don’t have to stick to a neutral color! The surrounding walls can be a color that’s pulled from the wallpaper.


The addition of wallpaper in your kitchen can really make your cooking space stand out. When selecting wallpaper for this room, make sure it’s waterproof and easily cleaned. You want to be sure that the material of the wallpaper can wipe clean so it’s a cinch to remove food splatters and liquids

Match your wallpaper to the countertops and cabinets to give the kitchen a cohesive look. If you have counters made of stone or granite, try a marbled pattern that will enhance your solid surfaces and give the room a sleek, fresh aesthetic. Kitchen wallpaper comes in a huge array of colors, patterns, and materials.  Just like every other room in your home, you may want to try a few swatches and see how it matches up with your appliances, island, and other elements of the kitchen before you commit.


Decorate Bathrooms With Wallpaper

Much like the kitchen, choose bathroom wallpaper that’s easy to clean. If you have a powder room, a bold pattern will make the room pop and is a great way to add some pizazz to a tiny space.

You can add wallpaper above wall paneling, or wallpaper the entire wall. The choice is up to you.

Apply wallpaper around vanities to give your bathroom a touch of glam. Choose something fresh and new that coordinates with your flooring and fixtures. Whatever design you choose, make sure it’s splash-proof and adhered to the wall using quality glue since this room typically has a high level of moisture that can cause the wallpaper to peel or fall off over time.


Unexpected Places to Decorate With Wallpaper

Wallpaper doesn’t just have to be applied directly to your walls. Use this patterned paper to create a fun accent for pieces of furniture like a bookcase. Cut the wallpaper to fit inside the back panel of your shelves to give your favorite bookcase a fun makeover. Install wallpaper inside your pantry to give your storage space a fun pop of pattern and color, or have some wallpaper installed in your walk-in closet.

If you really want to think outside the box, add a layer of wallpaper to the ceiling in one room. This is a creative way to give any space in your home a bold new look while keeping the walls exactly as they are.


Wallpaper is available in a wide range of styles, textures, patterns, and material.

Vinyl wallpaper is easy to install and clean and works well in kitchen and bathroom spaces. Vinyl-coated fabric wallpaper provides a natural texture, while the vinyl coating offers protection and durability.

Non-woven wallpaper is washable and breathable, and it’s easy to install and remove whenever you change your mind.

Non-woven wallpaper

If you’re really searching for a textured look and feel, grasscloth is an excellent choice. This wallpaper is a bit more difficult to clean but it really adds the “wow” factor without being too dominant.

And fine hand painted murals.  Talk about a good place to daydream!  The details are so intricate you’ll find something new each time you look at the walls.

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Traditionally, wallpaper is applied using a special paste and a tool to help you smooth it in place. Modern manufacturers have also developed peel-and-stick wallpaper that you simply adhere to walls and furniture like a giant sticker. Pre-pasted wallpaper comes with the paste already applied and all you need to do is add water to activate the adhesive and install it.

No matter where you choose to install wallpaper in your home, I highly recommend hiring a professional if you can. Or, come to the project with plenty of patience and an extra set of hands to help!

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