How to Draw A Fancy Letter L Easily

Draw A Fancy Letter L

How to Draw A Fancy Letter L. In this guide, we’re going to cover the humble letter L. It’s the 12th letter of the alphabet and has a straightforward design.

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As you’ll see in this sentence, the lowercase L is a simple vertical line. For the uppercase version, things get more complicated since we have another horizontal line across the base.

We will focus on this uppercase version and make it much more complex. In just 6 steps, you will learn how to draw an excellent letter L!

Not only that, but we’ll look at some ways you can add color and other details to the design. You can try ideas and ways to bring your style and ideas.

Let’s start with the first step of the guide.

How to Draw A Fancy Letter L

Step 1

In the introduction, we mentioned how easy it is to capitalize L. If you write it usually, most people won’t struggle with it.

However, we’re taking it to the next level in this guide by adding visual flourishes. With all of this, try to imagine what a regular letter L would look like if drawn at a similar size.

You can draw the regular letter L in pencil if you want to go further. Although the patterned letter L that we will draw is more complicated, this will help you keep the shape of the letter.

That means we can draw the first sweep of the letter. We always like to use spirals to make letters look fancy, so now we will draw one.

The spiral can be drawn with two lines that start close and run parallel to each other as the spiral is drawn.

They curl and then meet in a pointed tip in the middle. Try to follow the spiral in our example as you draw it.

You will also see that this spiral is in the top left of the letter in the last picture. We can add the following section when you’re happy with how the spiral looks.

Step 2

If you look at our image from Step 2 and look no further, you might think we are drawing the letter J.

However, this is not the case, which will become even more apparent at the end of the next step. Now we draw the central part of the letter.

You can start by drawing a vertical line down from the top of the spiral opening from the first step. This will have a slight curl and create a pointed tip at the top.

The line ends near but not quite at the base of the letter; we’ll leave it at that for now. Next, we draw a line from the base of the spiral from the first step.

This slightly curved vertical line runs mainly along the first vertical line. It curls to the left at the base to form a sizeable loose spiral shape.

The spiral curves down to the base and then back up. You will notice a small gap at the bottom right, where we add the next section in step 3.

Step 3

We drew quite a bit in the previous step, but there’s much less to draw in this step than your fancy letter L. Here we’ll draw the base of the letter.

This will fill in the space left on the right side of the letter, and this base will take the form of a small wavy shape.

This shape curls slightly to end at a sharp point. Then it curls and twists back into a wavy line that closes the rest of the gap.

With that, your letter draft is complete, and we can focus on some internal details for the design. However, make sure you clean up and tidy up before proceeding.

For example, you should erase any pencil lines you used to plan out your drawing if you followed this tip in Step 1.

Make sure you don’t accidentally delete any of the trailing lines! You should also avoid smearing the lines if you drew the final design with a pen. So we can start decorating in step 4, so let’s move on!

Step 4

When decorating this letter, you can make it as straightforward or complex as you like. In our design, we made a half dot between the two.

Rather than presenting a rigid design you need to replicate, we will show you a few options you can try.

We started by adding some spiral lines to the tips of the letter on the right. The following details are all within the outline.

We used simple wavy lines throughout the design to fill out the interior. These not only look visually interesting but later also offer plenty of space for color accents and contrasts.

However, you can choose any other pattern or design you prefer. You should do this if you want the lines to be straighter or the inside to be left blank!

See where your inspiration takes you, and we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We’ll add some final details in the next step to finish things off before coloring.

Step 5

As if this letter didn’t sound elegant enough, we made it even fancier with the details we added in this next step.

First, we added a few dots along the outline on the left side of the letter. Next, you’ll see that we’ve added some small teardrop shapes around the spiral lines from the previous step.

Finally, we decided to incorporate a floral theme into the image. We did this by drawing some small flower shapes in the image.

These details are all basic examples of what you can add to the image to complicate it. You can move these details around a bit or add more.

This is also an excellent time to think of some extra details you can add to surround the letter. There are so many possibilities!

Also, you don’t have to stop and add details around the letter; you can also fill the background with fantastic ideas.

You can get creative with it, but we’ll also cover some ideas to try after the last step.

Step 6

Now you’ve come to the final step of this guide, where we will add some color to your awesome letter L! This is another step where you can take over and show your creativity.

In our reference, we only show one possibility for the color you can choose. We chose a beautiful pink color to give the letter an elegant look.

You can represent this color with your favorite artistic tools and media, but you can also use any color you like.

There are many ways you can get creative with this as well. You can paint over the line details in the letter with colored pencils and then use complementary colors between those lines.

This is just one of the many ways you can colorize this design, but feel free to get creative and see what happens!

Your Fancy Letter L Drawing is Finished!

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