How to Draw An Hourglass Easily

Draw An Hourglass
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How to Draw An Hourglass. We have many ways of marking and indicating time, and in years past, people often used an hourglass to measure various events.

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These hourglasses are usually decorated and beautifully illustrated, and while they serve a goal, they also serve as excellent works of art.

It can be fun to draw your stunning hourglasses, and knowing how to draw an hourglass will guide you on how to do it.

You are on the right guide to learn it, so read to the end! We hope you enjoy this step-by-step tutorial on attracting an hourglass in 6 steps.

How to Draw An Hourglass

Step 1

An hourglass usually has a frame containing two glass containers holding the sand.

We’ll start with this frame in this first step of our tutorial on how to draw an hourglass. To start, the top of the frame is processed first. First, draw two curved lines connecting to the frame’s top.

Next, add two more curved lines under the top of the hourglass for the base of this part of the frame.

Finally, draw two small round shapes at the corners for the top of the frame sides. Once you’ve drawn those lines, you’re ready for step 2!

Step 2

Now that you’ve completed the top of the hourglass design let’s focus on the frame’s side supports.

These extend from the top round shapes you drew in the previous step.

These thin support beams hold the two sides of the frame together, but they will also be richly detailed and look like they were carved out of wood.

Some thin, rounded shapes will also be in the middle of the stands for added detail. You can even change the look of some of these decorative elements if you like!

Step 3

Without the inner glass case, an hourglass would not only not be very useful, but it would also spill sand everywhere!

For this reason, in this step of our tutorial on how to draw an hourglass, we will draw the glass case.

This glass case is divided into two rounded sections, connected by a thin part in the middle between them.

You can draw these sections with rounded, curvy lines from the top of the frame.

A gap will be at the bottom of the glass envelope, but we’ll fill that very soon. Once you’ve drawn the lines for the packaging, you’re ready for Step 4!

Step 4

Just as an hourglass wouldn’t work without the glass, it would be just as useless without some sand! In step 4 of your hourglass design, we’ll add this look.

For the sand in the bottom half, draw a rounded shape with a thicker base with a thin tip at the top. You can add a few dots to this tip for more sand to drip onto it.

For the top half, add another triangle shape with a rounded tip for the smaller lump of sand that falls.

Then you can add smaller line details to prepare for the final touches in the next step!

Step 5

In this step of our guide on drawing an hourglass, we will focus on its basis. The base resembles an identical mirror image of the top you drew in step 1.

This means it has two layers that you can draw with some smooth lines. Once you’ve drawn that base, you’ve finished all the details in this picture!

The next step is to have fun coloring, but feel free to continue with some of your detailing.

Some ideas include engraving a message or pattern on the hourglass frame.

You could also draw a background and display this hourglass on a table with other objects.

Step 6

You’ve reached the final stage of your hourglass drawing, and for this part, you can have fun by adding some cool colors! In our reference image, we chose a bit of golden yellow to make the frame appear gold or bronze.

Next, we used different shades of blue for the glass and some shades of yellow for the sand.

These are the colors we chose, but this is your design, and you should feel free to use any colors you like!

You can also experiment with different artistic tools and mediums to bring the colors to life. So there are many ways you can get creative in completing this design.

Your Hourglass Drawing is Finished!


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