How To Effectively Manage The Account Receivables In Medical Billing

medical billing
medical billing
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Account receivables are an essential part of the revenue cycle management that physicians try to minimize. However, it is still a burning question for those who need help handling medical billing alone or via medical billing services. However, more healthcare organizations are trying to cope with that issue.

What are the account receivables in RCM?

Accounts receivable are relevant to the payments that healthcare organizations try to get from patients. These copayments are charged to patients not provided coverage by insurance companies.

In revenue cycle management,  the health care providers must submit the claim with the help of complex codings such as ICD and CPT codes. This is the place where the account receivables come into the role. And it has become very challenging for medical practices to tackle this issue. As a result, such receivables remain unsolved and in the pending queue for reimbursement, especially when the errors in the coding are more complex.

Revenue leakage management

As mentioned earlier, the medical billing and coding system has more room for leakages and a place for account receivables. This is because an intricate level of coding and billing is being used to resolve the matter. However,  this is the palace where the coders and billers find themselves in hot water because this is the situation where revenue is poorly affected.

 This is where the role of AR management comes in and requires the proper strategies to tackle the issue. These accounts receivables are targeted to decline slowly and steadily once the reliable revenue cycle workflow is established. However, the riddle for smooth working for the cycle of revenue cycle management still needs to be solved.

How to manage the account receivables in the medical billing?

Here are some strategies to manage the complicated problem of account receivables all over the US. However, it is something that proper account receivables management can help you get more reimplement. You can adopt the following measure to manage the AR.

Outsource AR management to professional medical billing services

The first and only way to manage your accounts receivable is by outsourcing AR management to reliable medical billing companies. This is because doctors already have lots of work to do, checking the patient and suggesting careful treatment, remedies, and other medicines. First, however, there must be someone in the room to manage the administrative task so that doctors can pay attention to the practices.

Go to Google to find the best companies offering reliable medical billing and coding services and also dealing in AR management. They will be able to manage your revenue leakage and provide better services. This is because you can deal with other ones who are reliable and provide services to address the revenue cycle management.

Pay attention to the patient scheduling eligibility verification and registration

Another effective strategy for handling the account receivable is to pay attention to the clean claim submission. You must be aware of the patient’s eligibility, errors correcting  and transparent claim submission.

According to Gary Marlow, one of the most significant and first steps to improve your overall cycle management is checking the patient information, which will be the basis of overall billing.

 Moreover, almost 70% of the denials occur due to negligence in the eligibility verification.  It would be sufficient to say that eligibility verification is the first and foremost step in billing.  Once you can submit the transparent claim,  chances are more that you will be reimbursed earlier.

Manage Accurate charge entries for your services

When the patient is changed according to the services provided, the accurate cash entries are according to the services offered. Therefore, they are not more or less than the actual charges. As a result, you will see a revenue boost, which helps get more details accepted.

Always have a plan for denial management

One of the most resonating account receivables is the claim that you must plan for all the miss happy that may occur at any time. It would help if you outsourced the denial to evaluate your performance to ensure you submit your claim on time.


The medical billing industry’s account receivable management, or A/R management, is a significant domain. Medical practices gain maximum leverage while providing patient care by controlling revenue leaks and maintaining a smooth financial workflow. This allows them to contribute independently to the bottom line, which is healthcare, without worrying about getting paid.

As a result, these methods for managing account receivables in medical billing and coding can provide medical practices with a solid foundation for reducing revenue leakages. In addition, it ensures a high claim reimbursement rate and contributes to your medical practice’s overall financial health, allowing it to grow and scale over time.

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