How to eliminate the fear of competitive exams?

Candidates often start clenching their teeth and biting their nails with the exams coming close. Do you also fall in that category? If yes, you need to beat your fear first, or else, get ready to spoil your preparation. Note that the fear of competitive exams can drain your energy and lower your confidence level. How could you do well in the competitive exam if you keep on fearing to appear in the exam? 

Whether you are preparing for the exam or going to appear in the exam, you need to fend off the fear. To calm down your nerves and eliminate your fear, we have highlighted some great tips you can follow throughout the preparation period. However, if arduous concepts of the SSC CGL exam are frightening you, make sure to understand concepts properly by seeking help from an eminent source. 

Here is a list of some beneficial tips you can follow to manage your fear of the competitive exam: 

Stay positive 

We all know the bad impact of negative thinking but hardly a few of us know the benefits of positive thinking. The major benefit is it reduces stress and makes you feel calm. Why do you always think ‘This task is difficult’? Why don’t you think ‘I will surely do it?’ If you think positive, you will do positive and feel less worried about everything. However, it doesn’t mean that only the thought of doing everything well will help you. You need to put in sincere efforts if you actually want to do something because positive thinking will only push you to work more. 


Competitive exam preparation can bring extreme stress. Continuous stress can lead to fear. This fear can drag you away from your goals so you need to be very careful. So, don’t let anything frustrate you while studying. If you keep on studying continuously, you are surely going to panic. Therefore, it is better to take a rest after certain intervals to relax and calm your mind. Relaxing means doing things that can freshen up your mind. So, don’t try to scroll through social media or anything else that can drain your energy. 

Follow a healthy routine 

If you eliminate unhealthy things from your routine and follow a healthy routine, it can reduce your stress levels for sure. By healthy routine, we mean to improve your dietary habits and sleeping pattern. Apart from it, involving yourself in physical and mental health can also heal your stress. Let us tell you a crucial fact, some food items act as a stress buster and help in relieving stress and anxiety. Here are some food items you can include in your diet chart to eliminate stress and focus on competitive exam preparation: 

  • Food items with high amounts of omega-3. For example, walnuts, fish, spinach, eggs etc. 
  • Green vegetables such as cabbage, peas, lettuce, spinach etc. 
  • A piece of dark chocolate to uplift your mood. 
  • Fresh juices, herbal tea and 3-4 liters of water everyday. Make sure to avoid the consumption of caffeinated drinks and food items. These products can disturb your sleeping pattern and can give you extreme stress. 

Stop comparison 

Aspirants have a bad habit of comparing themselves with others. While comparing, they see the strengths of others and weaknesses of themselves. Thus, they start doubting their worth and easily get worried. This stress gives birth to fear and they get worried even at the thought of appearing in the exam. Apart from it, they can’t even focus on their exam preparation. Make sure to compete yourself and not others. If you keep on beating yourself and keep improving yourself, you are surely going to accomplish your targets. So, rather than being stressed about what others do, focus on what you are doing and what you need to do. 

Ask doubts 

Why do you hesitate to ask doubts to someone? There is nothing to be ashamed of if you aren’t able to understand something on your own. It’s totally okay to find someone who can help you clarify all your doubts. Otherwise, these doubts can frighten you and may lower your confidence to appear in the exam. So, if you are having a number of doubts regarding several concepts of the SSC CHSL exam, you can consider approaching the top-notch institute offering the best SSC CHSL coaching


To conclude, be fearless and tackle the hardships of the competitive exam with full courage. To ensure everything goes smoothly while preparing for the competitive exam, you can follow the pertinent tips to beat your fear in order to ace your preparation. 

Hardeep Singh

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