How to Find Romanian Series on YouTube

How to Find Romanian Series on YouTube
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If you love crime drama, you’ll enjoy Seriale Romanesti If you’re interested in crime fiction, you might want to try the Romanian True Detective series. It is based on the grim tale of two police officers in 1980s Bucharest, Romania. As the Cold War comes to an end, black market capitalists are flooding Bucharest. America’s influence is slowly eroding Romania’s once proud ideology. Murderers are sporting Ronald Reagan masks, and contraband Monopoly is being smuggled into Bucharest. Meanwhile, the American Embassy is slowly being overrun by obese men eating hamburgers.

Celebrity Games

If you have a passion for Romanian television and want to learn the language, you can watch one of the famous celebrity games shows on YouTube. The shows have a similar format, with the same set lines and explanations of the rules. These programs can be a great place to start if you want to learn the language. Watching the games shows will also help you improve your vocabulary, and if you’re an amateur, you can learn the language by participating.

There are also Romanian TV series that can help you learn more about Romanian culture. The shows often feature female football managers, who are treated with respect. You can find these shows on HBO. These shows are well-produced, and are a great way to learn about Romanian culture. Once you’ve learned a little about Romanian pop culture, you can watch a few episodes of the Romanian celebrity games and see if you know the actors and coaches.


The serialelatimp series is a crime drama television series from Romania. The series is being produced by HBO Europe, with a cast and crew of renowned Romanian actors. It is based on the Small Time Gangster format, created by Boilmaker Burberry and licensed from DRG Formats. It will premiere on a day-and-date basis in all territories. The first season was a hit, with more to come.

Unlike other crime dramas, serialelatimp is a unique and very Romanian series. Unlike many foreign-language or Nordic noir series, the serialelatimp series does not focus on police investigations and detectives. Instead, it focuses on the lead character. The Romanian production team has clearly crafted a great crime drama for the country of Romania. Although this is a different approach, it does have some elements of a foreign-language series that fans will love.

Comrade Detective

A Romanian series search engine might not bring up Comrade Detective, but it will help you find the show on Amazon Prime. This cop drama is dubbed into English and presented in Romanian, with visual gags about Jordache and Eastern Bloc cars. The show also features a serial killer wearing a Reagan mask, and the characters are crafted to look like a grim, 1980s procedural. The show’s pilot deadpans its way through underwhelming action, while following familiar police drama beats and scenes of unconvincing violence.

The actors don’t really want you to know they’re acting, which gives the series a genuine feeling of authenticity. There are also a few funny moments, such as the Police Squad, but they’re all well-done and don’t feel overly staged. The plot is also quite interesting, especially considering that the Romanian language is a bit difficult to understand, so the series isn’t for everyone.

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