How to Find the Perfect Part-Time Jobs Abroad for Students

Searching for jobs is a daunting task, especially when you don’t know how and where to start. Part-time jobs can help you pay additional bills and help you live a good life while living abroad. Many international students look for jobs along with their studies. It is also important to list down the jobs you could do and it comes with several factors too like the laws in the country, your visa type as well as the working hours limitations. How to Find the Perfect Part-Time Jobs Abroad for Students? This blog will give you insights and tips to approach part-time student jobs. You can seek one of the reliable Study Abroad Consultants In Kerala to clear your concerns. 

How to Find a Part-Time Job?

Once you have arrived and settled, the next step is to look for a part-time job that fits your schedule. Most employers will meet you in person to select you for the role. One of the best places to start looking for a part-time job is from the employment office or the university’s job centre. Moreover, listings of local jobs can help create a CV, and required applications, prepare for interviews as well as make you ready for the various differences in work practices. You can also look for part times at various websites that offer career opportunities. Some countries have job centres that are run by the governments like UK’S job centres. Local newspapers are also the main source to look out for while searching for part times.    

Check the Website of Your University

Part-time jobs for students are frequently posted on the university’s website to help the students to gain income along with their studies. So when you start searching for part-time jobs, start here! Faculties look for student employees to help with tutoring tasks, research, and administration. 

Offline Job Hunting

Walking into the local stores and giving your application is the better option if they are hiring. You can print several resumes and offer them to various bars, cafes, restaurants, and stores where you are willing to work. You can ask the employees or the manager if they are looking for new staff to work for them. You can leave the resume so they can contact you if there is an opening available. 

Online Job Hunting

You can search online for various part-time options. Also, be aware of fraudulent job offerings. There are certain online sites like LinkedIn that you can refer to look for opportunities there.  These platforms allow you to use filters in searching accurately. You can directly apply through these websites. 

List of Part-Time Jobs

At Universities 

It is one of the easiest and simpler options for international students. In countries like the USA, working with universities is the only option in the first year of undergraduate studies of an international student. You can assist university students which is an excellent opportunity to explore cultures, learn languages, meet new people and get new perspectives and experiences.     

Bars and Restaurants

Many job opportunities are available in restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can relatively find a job easily here because of the need for more stuff in handling the busy place. You can work as bar staff, waiter or waitress, and even in the kitchen according to your skills and experience. Good communication skills are the main requirement for this type of job. This can help in gaining various experiences, improving language, and interpersonal skills as well as gaining some new friends.   

Call Centres

You can acquire jobs at call centres if you have excellent communication skills. Working in call centres is a good option for individuals with friendly personality and who is confident about their computer skills. It is not physically demanding and is a great choice if you want to work in an office environment. 

Customer Service Jobs

One of the common ways in which you can start working can be through customer-related work opportunities. It is an impeccable opportunity to learn new skills in handling customers and some companies offer additional training to enhance your skills in the long run. If you care about people and how they are treated, then this would be an area you could enjoy and explore.  


There are various volunteering opportunities for international students who can use this experience to meet new people and enhance working opportunities. One of the main advantages of volunteering is the array of positions to choose from. So chances are high that you can work in any industry you like and many institutions are seeking volunteers to help with their work.    

To conclude, many international students seek part-time jobs to help with their living abroad. Some students even pay their tuition fees with the money they saved up from various part-time options. Moreover, Each country has its own restrictions and rules when it comes to the available working conditions for international students. So it is vital to look out for them before you start applying for part-time jobs. For more information, it will be better to contact our Overseas Education Consultants In Kochi for personalised pieces of advice. 

Adil Husnain

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