How to find the right product in our security cameras for outdoor comparison

How to find the right product in our security cameras for outdoor comparison
How to find the right product in our security cameras for outdoor comparison

To monitor the outdoor area of your own property or house, surveillance cameras are available. These should have a correspondingly high IP certification so that they are protected against dust and rain.

Depending on which outdoor security camera you choose,best crampons for hiking the device has a wide range of functions. 360-degree view, app control, 4K screen – variants abound. Make your selection and put on your personal security camera-for-outdoor test. In our comparison table, we have the right recommendations for you.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our security cameras for outdoor comparison 

The most important in a nutshell

With an outdoor security camera, you can monitor the outdoor area of your own home. Depending on the range of functions, the devices are already available for a low purchase price.

With most surveillance cameras, data transmission via WLAN works, so that the camera recordings can also be viewed via the app.

When buying outdoor surveillance cameras, pay attention to the necessary range and good IP certification. The power supply can also be an important purchase criterion, depending on whether you want to run the camera with battery, electricity, or even solar.

Unfortunately, residential and house burglaries are not exactly rare crimes in Germany. That is why it is especially important for homeowners to protect their property from unauthorized persons.

Surveillance cameras provide a great service for this. These cameras are specially designed for outdoor use and can record images and videos. They are a supplement for LED spotlights that address with sensors and serve to deter possible burglars. Depending on the selected product, the surveillance camera has additional functions, such as a 360-degree angle or smart app control.

So you can track who is on your property even on the go via an app on your smartphone. If necessary, the police can even be notified on the go if the camera shows and reports activities that indicate a burglary. As a result, security in your own four walls can be significantly increased by an outdoor surveillance camera.

Which points are relevant when buying an outdoor security camera?

Below we present the most important criteria that are relevant in a surveillance camera for outdoor testing. You have to decide for yourself which functions and features your camera needs.

Sometimes only an outdoor surveillance camera with a 180-degree angle is needed (if you want to attach the camera to the garage, for example), and sometimes a 360-degree angle and thus an all-around view.

IP protection: In order for the camera to be suitable for outdoor use, it must withstand dust, dirt, rain, and much more. This is where IP certification comes into play. Good cameras have at least IP56 certification. A higher value means that the security camera is even better protected.

Range or field of view: When buying, pay attention to the angle of a camera. This is given in degrees and indicates to what extent images and videos can be recorded. Most outdoor security cameras have 360 degrees or 180 degrees for a full or “half” field of view. There are also differences in terms of range. So that even the distant areas in the garden or on the property can be filmed, the surveillance camera should have a long-range for the outside (if a small range is not already sufficient for your property).

Camera: A security camera is equipped with a camera so that both people and animals can be filmed on your property. As with a wildlife camera, the activities of the animal world can be observed as desired. The transmission of these recordings can take place in various ways. On the one hand, there are models in which you receive the images via the app, and other surveillance cameras for outdoor use are equipped with a monitor. This is mounted indoors, so you can watch the movements outdoors from inside. But you don’t always have to decide. Some models are outdoor security cameras with a monitor, which at the same time have an app control (and thus also an app view).

Recording and storage: In the vast majority of cases, the surveillance camera for the outside contains the recording as a function. Without recording, the videos could not be accessed, so a storage function is always important.

Resolution: The resolution determines how good the image is that the camera records. If your outdoor security camera has 4K, for example, it records very good images, but it is not really necessary. For everyday life (to recognize faces), Full HD is usually sufficient.

Functions: As with any technical device, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the variety of functions. If an outdoor security camera is equipped with a motion detector, you will be warned when movement is detected. In some cases,hiking pants for women the selected surveillance camera has a night vision mode for the outside, for example with infrared detection. Also popular is the outdoor security camera with the app, so you can control the additional functions of the camera (such as the live view) on the go.

Usually, a surveillance camera for the outside is not small. It is thus clearly visible and usually even a small deterrent for possible burglars. These clearly show that a camera has been installed.

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