How to find the right Realtor in Prescott, AZ

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It’s possible to go through the home buying or selling experience alone. However, with this strategy, buyers may leave money on the table.

Or worse, be obligated to later pay for hidden problems with the property.


As trained real estate professionals, Realtors help you find the best deal that serves your real estate interests. And with the right agent by your side,

you can change a not-so-great home deal for a great one. So how do you ensure you hire the Realtor in Prescott, AZ that’s right for you?

Evaluate their responsiveness

Buyers shouldn’t be left hanging when they’re making one of the biggest financial transactions they’ll ever make.

From your first conversation to signing all your closing documents, Realtors should be highly responsive throughout the entire home buying process. This is a non-negotiable trait that you should look for in a real estate agent. Even after they pass your initial interview, continue gauging how responsive they are at the
key moments when you need guidance or the appropriate advice. If things don’t work out midway, you may need to consider finding a new Realtor to assist you.

Test their knowledge of neighborhoods and local conditions

If you’re exploring your options in Prescott, AZ, make sure you’re working with an experienced local Realtor — one who can help you find the right home fast for
possibly less money. A local agent can direct your attention to the best neighborhoods in the area and inform you about nearby amenities, local
activities, and weather conditions that may or may not sync with your preferred lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to ask seemingly basic questions to a potential Realtor as well. On your first meeting with them, ask them about their experience in a particular community and the local market overall. Ask them about the general buyer
preference on neighborhoods and the typical amenities that are in demand.

See if a Realtor will ask you about pre-approval

One of the first things a seasoned Realtor will ask is whether or not you’re already pre-approved for a mortgage. Pre-approval — not pre-qualification, as
some mistakenly assume — is a key step in the buying process and many sellers will only negotiate with buyers who have this important milestone checked off.
Any Realtor worth their salt knows how crucial pre-approval is to moving faster in a rapidly changing real estate landscape.

Assess their capacity for honesty and integrity

Regardless if you’ve fallen head over heels for a particular house, if Realtors sense a bad deal underneath the facade, they are usually right. And the best
Realtors are always upfront with their professional opinion, even if it’s inconvenient for them to do so.
Regardless of a buyer’s emotional attachment to a home, a professional Realtor will always steer their client away from a deal that is detrimental to their interests. This capacity for honesty and integrity can make or break your real estate goals. So be sure that the agent you work with is always upfront about the
pros and cons of all the homes you’re considering — even if it may go against your desires for a particular property.

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