How to find the right singing teacher who understands your music choices?

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As a voice teacher coach for over 40 years, I am regularly called by singers across the country for advice on finding a good voice teacher. Every small town once had teachers who sang opera or Broadway and now have opened shops as teachers. But most singers have no experience or appreciation for the types of music they enjoy singing. Here are some guidelines for finding the right teacher for you.

Join a session with a teacher (many offer a free first session)

. During this session, listen carefully and say, “I like to sing punk (or metal or country, etc.) You know what you want. A good singing teacher’s job is to help you get better at 풀싸롱 , not change you.

A session with a teacher will also teach you about his teaching style. If you don’t respond well to a strict, authoritative, demanding teacher, that won’t change and you probably won’t improve as much as working with a caring, competent, misinformed teacher. Do not scream. On the other hand, if you’ve always responded well to strict discipline and tough teachers, you’ll know if it suits you. You should be able to trust the teacher and feel comfortable around him. You are buying their services. Be very selective. Just because many singers have recommended this person doesn’t mean they’re right for you.

3. Ask around. Visit clubs and if you hear a singer you like,

 Ask if they work with them. If they don’t, they may know a well-recommended teacher nearby. Don’t rely solely on testimonials to influence your choice. Some of the worst teachers for pop and rock singers are professors at major universities. The same goes for the professor, who is known for his collaborations with all classical or lyric singers. They can be good teachers, but they probably won’t be perfect for you.

4. Realize that you are doing this to challenge and improve yourself. A good teacher should not be a “milk toast”. After the first session, you will discover if this teacher has inspired you to discover your potential.

5. Ask questions. If you’re a woman,

you need to know where she is when it comes to improving chest voice. Too many teachers classify students as soprano or all and teach them that chest or head voice is bad for you. For pop music, you need to use all parts of your voice.

What is their attitude towards combining chest and head sounds (male falsetto)? Do they understand the value of “mix” or medium? Do they record sessions so you have something to work on during the week? Do they divide their lessons between vocal development (techniques and exercises) and singing and recording songs? You want a teacher who uses both

Singing can be fun every time, but it won’t help you improve your quality, range, and breathing techniques. Do some research before meeting them. Be prepared with a few questions. Whatever question you ask, it’s good because you need to hear the answers.


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