How to Find Turkish TVSeries in Romanian Subtitles

Romanian Subtitles

You can watch Seriale Turcesti in Romanian subtitles by following these simple steps. The Turkish mini-series Umbre (meaning “shadows”) airs on TRT 1 in Turkey, and will be broadcasted in other countries as well. The series is a fascinating examination of social, cultural, and racial divides in Turkey, contrasting rich and poor, religion and secularism.

Umbre (meaning “shadows”)

Umbre (meaning “shadows”) is a crime series starring a Bucharest cab driver with a double life as a mob enforcer. In order to keep his two worlds separate, Umbre works double time. The series contains unique Romanian touches, and gives more attention to the day-to-day life of the protagonist, Relu.

The third season of Umbre deals with Relu’s full-scale hunt against Emilian, while Nico is guiding the family’s empire into international waters. As the story continues, the two protagonists find themselves on opposing sides of a complicated web of intrigue. The series’ characters are soon worn out by playing both sides. If you are a Romanian TV viewer, consider peserialehd downloading Umbre (meaning “shadows”) in Romanian subtitles for free!

Timeless Drama Channel

The premiere of a global Turkish drama channel has been announced by SPI/FilmBox, which will offer the service through UPC’s basic package and with Romanian subtitling. Created in partnership with Ay Yapim, one of Turkey’s leading producers, Timeless Drama Channel brings nine critically acclaimed Turkish TV series to Romanian viewers. In addition to Romanian subtitles, this channel also offers the option of localization.

Turkey’s television series exports have expanded globally since the launch of TDC, which will reach millions of viewers in over 150 countries. With more than 600 hours of new dramas each year, the channel will soon become the world’s second largest exporter of TV series, following China. Adding TDC to the mix will expand the appeal of Turkish dramas and help build a global audience. In addition to the expanded range of content, TDC will also offer English subtitles for many of its Turkish series.


The SPI/FilmBox network has announced that it has partnered with the Romanian pay TV operator UPC to distribute its premium drama channel Timeless Drama Channel, which will be broadcast in the country with Romanian subtitles. This deal will allow the Romanian audience to watch Turkish dramas without having to pay extra for the service. The company says that the channel is the first Turkish drama channel to be broadcast internationally. The channel is being developed with Turkish producer Ay Yapim and is now broadcasting its Turkish television series in the country with Romanian subtitles.

The Timeless Drama Channel will begin broadcasting in March on Cablevision, making it the world’s first global Turkish drama channel. It has already reached 5 million households across 14 countries and plans to double its market penetration by 2020. FilmBox is owned by SPI International and is available to users in Romania, Turkey, and other European countries. Timeless Drama is the first Turkish series in Romanian subtitles to air in the US.

Turkish TVSeries

If you’re tired of watching the same old shows on television and want to switch things up a bit, you can watch Turkish TVSeries in Romanian subtitles. There are a number of interesting titles available. Listed below are some of the best ones you can try. All of them feature excellent acting and are well worth the effort. The first one is The Magic Shirt, a thriller with high octane action, history and romantic entanglements.

Unlike Western TVSeries, Turkish TVSeries are much better. The stories are much better, focusing on the everyday life of the people involved. Western TVSeries are often filled with misinformation, false flags, and hypocritical notions. Turkish TVSeries are far superior and have more depth than Western shows. You’ll be able to learn a lot about specific regions while enjoying your favorite shows.


Whether you’re looking for Turkish television series with English subtitles or a new series in Romanian, there are plenty of websites that have the content available. One of these websites, Turkish123, has a massive library of Turkish TV shows with English subtitles. The only downside of watching Turkish dizi on Turkish123 is that you have to put up with ads while you watch them. However, if you’re serious about Turkish TV series, this website is definitely worth checking out.

One of the most popular Turkish soap operas is Fructul Oprit, a drama loosely based on Turkish dramas and partially filmed in Istanbul. This drama follows the lives of upper-class old-money circles in Bucharest, who should marry whom. When one couple ends up in tragedy, it can start a domino effect throughout the society. To find Turkish series with Romanian subtitles, all you need is a good streaming service.


If you’re looking to stream Turkish series in Romania, you’ve come to the right place. AntenaPlay is owned by Intact Media Group, one of the leading providers of Romanian broadcasting on demand. The service is available for both desktop and mobile users, and its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate. It has more than 95 shows and thousands of TV star profiles, and it’s available on subscription or as a free download to your favorite device. Watch it from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you go!

Streaming services such as Netflix can be a great option for watching Turkish series. Although Netflix has recently entered the Romanian market, it does not currently carry any Romanian shows. In the meantime, YouTube and DailyMotion can provide a wealth of Romanian-subtitled TV shows. However, you should make sure you can watch the videos in Romanian first. Alternatively, you can download them for offline viewing.

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